2WW bleeding


Ok so I am freaking out! First of all I am suffering from hyper stimulation. I am 10 days passed 3dt. Yesterday I woke up to my period. Super cramps and very dark blood sorry for tmi. My doc told me to come in for my beta early. Turns out I got a BFP! Levels are at 42 but its still early. Has anyone experienced this? They also transferred two embryos.


I’ve heard of women bleeding and still being pregnant. Beta isn’t terrible but they will keep a close eye on it, I am sure. You may have been pregnant with twins and one didn’t take-have heard this before as well. Seems all will be okay but rest lots in the horizontal position. Best to you! Keep us posted.


Best of luck to you! There are stories of heavy bleeding and having a viable pregnancy. To be fair and honest, though, this was not true for me. I woke up bleeding at 12dp3dt and went in for an early beta. I was surprised it came back positive at 33. The bleeding continued though, and the repeat beta 3 days later was negative.