2WW Cramping


I had IUI done on 5/25 so I am almost at the end of my 2ww! I have been cramping consistently since my IUI. It is now worse when I am more active. If I walk more or stand for a while or if I do stairs. Anyone else had this and got a BFP? Is this a good sign?


Hello :slight_smile:
I had lots of cramping, in fact now that I think about it, the cramping didn’t stop until about 20 weeks. maybe it is a good sign :slight_smile: good luck!


Thank you for your encouragement, I hope it means I am pregnant!


Well I kept getting :bfn: and yesterday AF showed up. So on to the next plan of action.


I had tons of cramping this 1st month on meds. My back hurt pretty bad the night before my period started. I had to get up out of bed and just go watch TV for a while. I never was one to have very many menstruation issues. So all these new little pains are very new to me and really made me think all kinds of things. At least this 2nd IUI I will be more prepared for side effects.

:bsv: , Dana


:bsv: for sure!

I will most likely have my 2nd IUI around the 26th. BUT praying it will be the 25th because my hubby has off.