2WW, low E2 levels


Hey everyone, I could really use some help and guidance. I had my 1st round of IVF Nov 8th, 2 Donor blast transferred without difficulty. My progesterone levels were 42 and normal but my E2 level was only 10. Because my E2 level is so low does that have an effect on the embryo implantation. Im getting worried. My RE doesn’t want me to start on a Climara patch til 11-11. What do you guys think, is low E2 a big deal for implantation?


Baby A-

I am not sure what my estrogen levels were but on my b/w visit a few days after 5 day transfer, I was given estrace pills. My nurse says it’s important to keep estrogen levels as a certain point to maintain the pregnancy.

I don’t usually ask for the estogen number so I can’t be of any more help. And, I never heard of this patch… I just take the estrace pills when estrogen is low.

Best of luck on your 2WW!!