2WW question


OK so what do you look for in a 2WW. I have seen that cervical mucous can be a sign, sore breasts and even the color of urine. I was wondering what kind fo symptoms any of you ladies have had that were a good sign??


All I had was a lot of wet cm ( i thought i was peeing in my pants:) and I remember being a little out of breath and tired while doing a crazy 3 hour workout ( I am a fitness instructor and we were having a workout marathon :). But that was it.

Hope you get your :bfp: Soon:).


…and how do you tell the difference between symptoms of your meds and symptoms of a possible pregnancy? I just did an FET in a natural cycle, but I did start a progesterone gel three days before transfer. Two of my “symptoms” I see are side effects of the progesterone. But I’ve also been super thirsty, which is not listed as a side effect of prog, and I’ve seen elsewhere that it might be a preggo symptom. But it may also be bc I caught a sore throat during our trip. I was hoping for some implantation bleeding, even some vivid dreams, but nothing. I can’t believe how NORMAL I feel. I really expected to somehow feel different, but I don’t. I’m trying to take it easy during the 2ww, per doc, so I’m not lifting stuff, sending DH to the kitchen for snacks, that kind of thing :wink: But I’m worried that not feeling any different means that it’s bc there is nothing different. I’d love to see what others say about this.


Very good question:). But from what I remember is as the months on Clomid went by the less symptoms I felt on the 2 ww. During the month that I got my :bfp: I had no ewcm ( pressed did it for me), don’t remember having any ovulation cramps either. The only unusual thing was the super wet panties ( sorry tmi), which I even thought to myself " great a new Clomid symptom!".

I didn’t start feeling the tiredness until I was about 6 weeks pregnant. I did have some period like cramping starting at around 5 weeks and no morning sickness until about 15 weeks! And no implantation bleeding either for me. Maybe is different from woman to woman but for me the almost lack of symptoms was good sign.

Hope it will be good for you too:).