2WW Question


So I think I ovulated on Sunday, December Dec 11th (fertility monitor and OPK’s show surge on the 10th, and I really felt like I O’d on the 11th). Anway I know you are suppose to wait for 2 weeks before you test so that would be Christmas day! I bought some early pregnancy tests that say you can test up to 7-10 days past ovulation. I’m wondering when is the earliest I could “really” test and get a pretty accurate result? I’m visiting family for Christmas and I don’t want to be all bummed out on Christmas day. I’ve had a few weird symptoms (strange discarge (sorry if TMI), nausea, and felt really weird while flying yesterday). So the the big question, when to test? Any suggestions? What would you all do. It’s nice to have the distraction of Christmas festivities during the 2ww but then again I don’t want a BFN to bum me out!


Well, a quick thing on HPTs–if you read the fine print on the box or on the instructions, you see that they list a percentage accuracy based on how many days before/past the first day of the missed period you are, and the 95% number they quote on the front or whatever actually isn’t until after the first missed day! It’s really up to you when you want to test. Some people get positives early with HPTs, and some people don’t get them until a week after the first missed day. The woman who runs the site peeonastick.com has a lot of good info about HPTs and has done a lot of calling around to the companies that make them. You might be interested to read around on there!

If it were me, testing early (and getting a dreaded BFN) would be depressing but maybe the Christmas festivities would be a good distraction? I gave up on HPTs all together; I preferred just to wait until the blood test at the doctor’s office.

Whatever you do, I’ll be :cross: for you. Good luck!


Thank you so much for the info. I’m going to check out the Peeonastick site right now! Last time I did get a very faint positive 10 dpo, but that ended in a chemical pregnancy.


Well if you don’t want to be bummed out on Christmas day by seeing a bfn earlier than that, i’d wait until after christmas day. Im a early tester. I start testing at 8dpo, and thats the earlier i’ve gotten a bfp. But that was with triplets. One thing to know is if you test before christmas day and get a bfn, it could be a false neg. You won’t get a bfp until after ovulation and that can happen as late at 12dpo… sometimes even later.

So really when to test is all up to you. Goodluck!