2WW Question -


In an attempt to distract myself from the uncontrollable urge to POAS every 3 hours, I’ve been browsing all kinds of forums for indications of what may or may not be going on my womb right now and have a question: A lot of ladies have been talking about feeling this cramp or that sore boob post-transfer and worrying that it’s AF coming. But is it even possible for AF to come (or manifest symptoms) while one is still taking progesterone?

Otherwise, I’m 7dp/3dt and honestly not feeling much of anything. :frowning: This has seriously been the longest week of my life.


For some people, progesterone can hold off AF. For others, it doesn’t. For still others, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. Progesterone is a tricky witch!


I got AF through crinone and endometrin when I was doing IUI. I never had to wait for beta day because my periods always came on time. This time I also did PIO but I got a bfp no so period anyway.


hmm… thanks for the info. and charybdis, congrats on the BFP!!! so exciting!!