2ww started


Yesterday i had 3 embies transferred in my 1st IVF. They were 7-8 cells each! RE said they like 6-8 cells fro transfer-so god odds right? So i am in the 2ww period and I-like others here-am going to eat every nail I have-oh-did that already through the whole process. I loved the whole experience the clinic and the nurses were great! Today I had to put down my cat of 15 years and I hope that this means he was making room for someone new in my life to love as much I loved him! :pray: that these boys stick!
Good luck to everyone else in this same spot right now.


I’ll be praying for you! I hope they stick!! And sorry for the loss of your meow meow. Keep us updated! :bsv:


Good luck and sorry for your loss. I just had IUI and started my 2ww hope it passes quickly with great results for us all. Your transfer sounds great!!!


Sorry about your kitty too! Thinking good sticky vibes for you! :bsv: :bsv: :bsv:

I’m in my 2ww too!


[B]Laxer, I’m so sorry for your loss! Losing a dog or cat is terrible especially if he’s been in the family for so long. I wish you tremendous luck in your transfer I hope you get :bfp: really soon. :flower: [/B]


Hello, I am new to this site and finally have time to write some posts. I had my ET today. 2 were transferred, unfortunately we did not have any eggs to freeze. I was wondering what I should and should not eat? A lot of people mention to eat pineapples to help with implantation. I’ll try anything to help the lil ones stick.

How strict are you on bed rest? Ive been a couch potato all day. I have been having to get up to pee very often. Is that a side effect to the endometrium?