2WW Sypmtoms


Hello All,

I am currently in my two week wait and taking progesterone suppositories. I’ve been experiencing fatigue, allergy like symptoms, sore bbs, bloating, and stomach cramping all of which could just be side effects. It’s driving me absolutely crazy! Does anyone know if the side effects get worse the longer you take the progesterone because my symptoms are worsening. Also I am 10dp iui and am supposed to test on day 14 but am dying to take a test early. Do you think tomorrow is too soon??? Thanks for your input! It’d be awesome to hear about anyone whose experienced this and got their BFP! I’ve been :pray: like crazy! :cross: and :bsv:to everyone! :nerd:


I’ve tested 10dpiui and got BFN with all these symptoms. I’m on 600 mg of prometrium a day. I tested 12dpiui and got BFP! I think you could try 12dpiui, but it could still be negative. Good luck! It could be a BFP coming your way!


Thanks for the info! :slight_smile: I took 4 more tests between saturday and today and got all BFP’s and then today I did my beta and it was 363 I’m so excited! I guess I’m 4 weeks.


P.S. CONGRATS ON YOUR BFP!!! :slight_smile:


CONGRATS ON YOUR BFP!!! :slight_smile:


Thanks!! Good luck to you!