2ww &Testing On or around THANKSGIVING DAY!


I’m 2dpo and should be able to test to see if I’m pregnant on Thanksgiving day. That’s when af is supposed to arrive. This is my first round of clomid and I do ovulate on my own. This 2ww is going to make me insane! Is anyone else going to be testing around Turkey day? I could use some support over the next 2ww. Also if you have any symptoms please list.


Testing The Day After Thanksgiving!!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3]:babydust: Hey!!! I test the day after Thanksgiving! This 2ww is killing me it doesnt help that my husband went back to Afghanistan the DAY AFTER the procedure so i am going insane over here in another country with no one really to talk to! It feels like the days are going by soooo slow!!! When i Had the IUI they also put me on estrogen and progesteron… This is my first time on a message board so im kinda new to this… Im just going so crazy i need someone to talk to!!! Hopefully we get the news we all want Good Luck!!!:babydust: [/SIZE][/FONT]


I’m there too… i’ll test turkey day, but due to the trigger I won’t believe it until that Sunday.


question about trigger shot…

:babydust:[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4] Its soemtimes hard to talk to my Doctor because hes German and he has a hard time with the different language but what can i do hes an amazing doctor! Anyways, How long does the trigger shot make test say you are pregnant? I took my last shot Saterday (11-13-2010) Im just wondering when it wont be the trigger and if (HOPEFULLY) will be a positive test… If this makes sence im new to the fertility stuff and it doesnt help that the only people i can talk to dont speak great english…[/SIZE][/FONT] :babydust:


I don’t know when it’s not the trigger and really pregnancy. I’m four dpo and I almost threw up today, have sore itchy bbs, and have light cramping. I think it’s due to clomid but hope it’s pregnancy early symptoms. maybe my minds just playing tricks on me. I won’t be able to test til next tuesday. But I’m really happy about finding people who are testing around turkey day. We’ll help each other get through the brutal 2ww.:pray:


Im going crazy because i am in Germany… DH is in Afghanistan now and i have no one i know going threw this… German doc that doesnt speak great english… and no family around for supposrt so it feels like its taking foreverrrr and i hate it but a baby is awesome… i dont know about hubbies sperm count cuase if it looks good they dont do a count on it here… but they said it was good and i had 2 follicals so i am praying i have been pregnant 5 times and have only one child and it breaks my heart… i have lost 2 this year… one right after hubby deployed and one 2 months before… sorry im rambling on but theres not really anyone here that understands everyone has babies or are pregnant everyone says its in the water or the doc tells me on base that its not that hard for people to get pregnant… and it just breaks my heart… Well i wish you good luck… hopefully i have some to the day after thanksgiving could NOT come any slower lol… Have a good day



I am testing on 11/30, so a little after you. I am in the 2ww myself, and it is making me kind of insane as well! This is my second round of Clomid, I didnt even ovulate on my first! UGH! So i am just praying to at least O this month! GL to you!!!