3 days on stims advice pleae ghost anyone.!


I have been on 150 of gonal F for 3 days I have 40+ follicles none over 10mm my e2 went from 32 to 79 my clinic told me to double my dose … Here’s my issue my last fresh cycle the same thing happened 225 of follistim x3 days E2 was 170 they upped it to 300 I ended up only stimmig 8 days triggered with an E2 >6000 got ohss only ended up with 1 pregnancy from 20 original embryos I’m nervous the same thing will happen am I crazy ??


You are not crazy.

If you are on an antagonist protocol again, then they can use a Lupron trigger. OHSS will not happen with a Lupron trigger, at least not the severe forms, unless you get hCG, and that includes hCG for luteal support. If you are given hCG, then you might get OHSS.

If they trigger you early because they worry about OHSS, you will not get all the good eggs you could.

Lupron triggers are not so good for fresh transfers, for reasons not entirely clear. Many have reported better success rates after freezing all embryos after Lupron trigger. Freezing all embryos also reduces OHSS risk.


Do u think its too big of a jump in meds with my history I know I’m not a RE but its so similar to what happened last time


I don’t know if it’s too big a jump. But if you do pretty much what you did before, then you might expect similar results.