3 Failed IUI without drugs...on to my first IUI with injections


I am 38 and my DH is 48. He has low sperm count. :frowning:

We have tried 3 IUIs without drugs, with my DH sperm. All have failed.

My OB referred me to my new RE and he is great! He suggested that we try IUI with FSH shots. Not really sure what to expect with all that. Hopefully, you all can shed some light on how it will go. I am nervous, but excited to get on with this process and hopefully finally get that BFP!

My RE explained the steps, but does anyone have any insight into how it will feel or if it will hurt (shots)?

Thanks and :bsv: to all!!


Hey there,

I think it’s pretty natural to be nervous about this, especially when ‘this’ involves sticking yourself with needles! I will be the first to admit that I was pretty intimidated by the process the first time, and it took me about five minutes to psych myself up for the first stick… afterward I was almost disappointed by how much it didn’t hurt.

The needles are super-tiny: there’s less of a pinch than you get with a blood draw, though the advice I got from here that has worked best for me is to make sure that you let your medication get to room temperature before you take it. If it’s not warm enough it stings a little. Some women have better results if they ice the spot they’re planning to stick down a little ahead of time.

Good luck!


Congrats on the next step.
My initial IUIs were unmedicated as well but successful until my ectopic which is why we moved onto IVF.

I took follistim with my IVF cycle. Like she said above the needles are super tiny. You hardly feel them. I had DH give me the shots but had to do it myself a few times as well. Neither was bad at all.
Also my pharmacy said to just leave it out of the fridge after the 1st time you use it. It is only good for so many days after the vial is first punctured and it does not need to be refrigerated during use. If you get it in advance, keep it in the fridge though.


Thanks for all the info!

So I am supposed to start the injections this week, but I am still waiting on my period. :slight_smile:

I am a few days late!! :slight_smile: Maybe I won’t need these injections after all!

Thanks for all the encouragement! :bsv: