3 failed ivfs, mothers are driving me crazy


After 3rd failed ivf I’m trying really hard to keep it together not just for myself but for my wonderful husband. He is my support and reliance. Both our mothers keep pushing adoption and it drives me nuts! We haven’t discussed adoption at all. We’re not giving up on ivf yet. We are thinking to go for donor eggs. Though this issue is still discussing and we have some doubts, but… This is our family and only my husband and I should decide how to have a baby. Our mothers are driving me crazy. Each family dinner ends up with me crying, because both our parents “explain” in a pushy way how amazing adoption is. Well don’t get me wrong, I think adoption is a good thing. And maybe later we’ll discuss it and adopt a baby. But now we put all our strength and hope into ivf. This is so emotionally hard. This is hard physically as well. We had 3 failed ivfs!!! And now we are considering donor eggs which is also not an easy thing for us to except and start the whole thing all over again. And here are our parents who make the situation so much worse! Why can’t they simply support our decision? I’m emotionally drained.


Please don’t give up or beat yourself up too much. There is an amazing book for people with failed IVFs, age-related infertility that focuses on building up the egg quality and quantity (it’s called It Starts with the Egg). The author Rebecca managed to go from diminished ovarian reserved to 19 fertilized eggs. Everything is based on what clinical research has shown is actually working. Please look for it today and read it - you will feel empowered and start to believe. It has really helped us - it is difficult not to lose faith - but this really did it for us <3