#3 IVF bad news this week - has anyone gone backwards?


IVF #3 and ER yesterday, everything went great - 15 retrieved. Just got the call from Dr. that they are not fertilizing, but he will know if all have not fertilized by tomorrow morning… :confused:

I have not had any success, but it seems like we are going backwards! #1 fertilized and 3 transferred AND I got pregnant. #2 the fertilized, but rested after day 3. Now nothing? Has anyone heard of any illness that could hurt sperm quality?

We have been in court with DHs EX, plus drama with his DD17, I just felt the bad vibes everywhere, I want these poisonious people away from me!

I don’t know what is going on, I was so healthy and it was going so well!


How awful! I hear you on drama with exes, we have that too! Can’t they do rescue ICSI to get your eggs to fertilize if they’re mature enough?

So sorry you’re going through this!


Are you using ICSI or natural fertilization?


I’m not too familiar with the term ICSI? I know Dr. does manually fertilize if that’s what you mean.

I don’t know that the method of fertilization makes that much difference if egg quality is not there. Dr. told me this morning that I have had 30 eggs that have all been bad and that it will probably never happen - my DNA egg quality is not there. What I can’t understand is IVF round #1, I had several fertilize and 3 embryos transferred - so the quality has detiorated in 8 mos?

I guess it is my age, but it seems hopeless at this point. Should I even consider a second opinion?