3 more days to official testing


Hi, all! Just a little update to what’s going on.
So tomorrow will be one week 4 days since transfer day. (We’re currently passing DE IVF treatment in Ukrainian Biotexcom clinic, shot#1). I have had a nice chilled out week so far. The time is going fairly quick Its good to keep busy and occupied as many girls have said. So thank you for your comments in other threads… Whatever the outcome is we shall deal with it then. But as far as we are concerned things are going well until proven wrong. Although its hard… Sometimes I feel so anxious that can’t cope with things properly, but thankfully this doesn’t last long. I have my super supportive husband by my side. He makes miracles soothing my anxiety… Must stay positive … Sending baby dust to you all XX :slight_smile:


hi, now I know it worked for you. Obviously, you made a right choice. Congrats!:):):slight_smile: