33 years old and TTC for 11 months


Hello, I am 33 years old and have been TTC since December 2012. I had a chemical pregnancy in April which was a mix of emotions. I pretty much was pregnant for 2 days but it was still so heartbreaking! So after that and 6 months all together of trying, my boyfriend had his sperm checked and it was more than fine. I had a few ultrasounds and everything was fine for me. So my Gyno suggested laparoscopy surgery. I said yes immediately. I wanted to know if something was wrong rather than keep going through all this stress and heartache. I just wanted to know! So on August 24th 2013, I had Laparoscopy surgery. It was VERY painful the first week and still painful weeks after that. Even now I still get little pains in my belly but I’m glad I did it! My Gyno didn’t find anything wrong besides a cyst on my Fallopian tube he cut off. He said the cyst wasn’t an issues with my infertility at all. So here I am on month 11 of trying with about 4 friends who’d been trying with me all along…now pregnant. Some got pregnant on their first or second try, and others it took a few months. I feel like I’m on a non stop emotional roller coaster, and getting the “I’m prego” text from friends isn’t helping :frowning: My boyfriend and I have been together for 7 years and lately have been arguing a lot with us TTC. Over the summer TTC was tough with all the events we had and he was out and about a lot. So I’d say for about 3 months we tried 5 times a month due to events, arguing, stress and him just wanting to enjoy life rather than try yet AGAIN. I get it though. We FINALLY purchased and Ovulation Kit and started using it this month so fingers crossed and lots of Prayer!! The hardest part is hearing nothing is wrong with either one of us. I mean, trying for almost a year and nada?? Makes me a little crazy :frowning: The 2 week wait is the absolutely WORST!! I use to stress out wondering if I this was going to be IT, but this month I’ve chosen to relax and stay OMMM :slight_smile: I never thought how hard trying was going to be. I feel like is it me? Is something wrong with me? Am I too crazy/emotional/stressful to conceive? Is God waiting for me to make some changes or become more financially stable? Is it my anxiety? My wine drinking? The arguing? Oh this ALL goes through my head daily! I feel like we did everything right this month I really do!! Oh and I’m a nanny full time and choose this occupation so that one day I can raise my own babies in our home. Ive wanted to a mother my whole life and feel like it was meant to be for me. I feel like it’s why I was put on this earth. When I see my babies little face someday, I’ll know all the hard things I’ve been through and all of this WILL be worth it and my life will now have meaning! Just wanted to share my story and get some feedback on how to cope with not getting pregnant while your friends all are. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey, sorry I haven’t replied. Been trying to stay off sites and take a little break for my own clarity. I have not been to a fertility specialist. My Gyno wanted us to try for a full year, and if nothing by January then we will go in and he’ll suggest what’s next for us. Everything has been tested for me and my bf and there seems to be nothing actually wrong. Many. I the this year we only tried like 5 times throughout the month due to work schedules and being tired. I don’t think 5 times a month would be enough, so lately we’ve been trying a lot more and still nothing :frowning: Makes no sense!? It is. Wry hard and I feel for you too!! No one else gets it! My friends are all pregnant right now. Some it took longer and some it was right away. I hate it!! I do ovulate every month and we did get pregnant briefly in April, so I don’t feel like something’s really wrong. Maybe stress and anxiety. Maybe drinking wine every night, who knows. We are going on our annual vacation in two weeks so maybe with the relation and zero stress it’ll finally happen :slight_smile: We have to have hope! Thank you for your feedback!! It means so much to me! And good luck to you as well!