39 and nervous


Hi there…This is my first post to any of these forums, so I’m not really up on the acronyms yet, so bear with me :). After a miscarriage in February, my husband and I started trying again in April/May, with no luck yet. I went to see my OBGYN, who told me that, being 39 and all, I needed to see a fertility specialist ASAP. I have had two visits so far, but I honestly feel like I’m being shepherded through the process to try and steer me to IVF. We conceived naturally the first time after just two cycles. I have some mid cycle spotting and susapevted Luteal phase defect, but no cause has been identified yet. All of my tests so far have been clear…pap, endo biopsy, etc. ovulation was confirmed today by ultrasound and bloodwork. My doc ran a postcoital test after ovulation, which seems to be counter intuitive, no? He also wants to perform a clomid challenge test with my next cycle, but has not indicated that he cares to check my progesterone levels during my luteal phase this cycle…only to move forward with the prescribed plan for next month. I could use some guidance from others who have been there…should I seek a second opinion, or does this seem like a standard course of treatment? Thanks…I just don’t want to start on a course of treatment that isn’t necessary yet.


Just be patient a little more… i think! Good luck…:grouphug:


It does not hurt to get a second opinion. It is better to be proactive and consider all your options. Hopefully, everything will turn out exactly as you wish. Sending you positive thoughts. Good luck =)


Its hard when there is a lot to consider and also the fact that you got pregnant naturally. I am 39 and have had 2 unsuccessful attempts at IVF and about to start a 3rd in November. If I could have started IVF at a younger age I would have loved to but I met my husband only 2 years ago. Im sure you are aware that your fertility decreases as you age and more rapidly so after 35 (or so im told), for this reason I think why wait and possibly waste more time, after all the older we get the harder it is :frowning: … but thats just me… Through the IVF process we did PGD testing which unfortunately/fortunately showed that any embryos we may have transferred would have ended in miscarriage due to abnormalities, so we are waiting for that one embryo without age related issues (this is why we are doing PGD) that stands the best chance of succeeding … Good luck with your decision whichever way you decide to go.