3Rd beta is inconclusive


I was wondering if anyone had been through this or knows someone else who has. I had a FET of one hatching 6 day blast on Nov 19. My first beta was on 12/2 and it came back 1,111. My second beta was on 12/5 and it came back over 4,000. (warning, TMI). Then on Saturday I started gushing blood about once an hour. After four hours I called the re and he said come in on Monday. I stopped bleeding after about nine hours. No bleeding or spotting after that. I went in today for more blood work. The nurse called back and said my hcg dropped from the 5th but it was still high. My progesterone is still high. So I continue my meds and go back in Thursday for more blood work. Does this situation usually end in miscarriage. I feel like I’m in limbo and it’s awful.


I believe it could be a vanishing twin because of such high numbers. When should you have the us?


The nurse said the earliest we could see anything is Thursday but it’d just be the sac. On Monday we could see a heartbeat, if there’s one, so if I get that far, I’ll probably wait until Monday. The sac won’t necessarily tell me if the baby is still alive.


I don’t have experience with your situation but I agree with Cosmo. Maybe the embryo initially split into twins. Your initial betas were so high that it does make sense to have a vanishing twin. I’m hopeful for your ultrasound :slight_smile: