3rd IUI today, feeling awful. Is that normal?


Hi All
I am a newbie to this site, just been reading for a few months but never posted til now. Been ttc for 2 years and was diagnosed unexplained. Today I went for my 3rd IUI treatment with Letrozole and HCG trigger shot yesterday. About 5 hours after the IUI I started feeling cramps and back pain. The first month we did this I don’t remember feeling to bad, last month a little crampy but this time its really bad. I have to walk hunched over because it hurts. Is that normal? I have 4 follies and they thought 3 would drop this month, thats the most I have had. I usually only produce 2 even on Clomid (which thinned my lining out). My hub had a good “deposit” today too, 26mil washed!
Just wondering if feeling bad is a “good” sign? Really hoping it works and the 3rd time is the charm. This is such a hard, frustrating journey. I feel alone most of the time, no one gets it. People are so insensitve.

Thanks for any help!


It is probably the number of follies.

I have never been in so much pain as last month when I triggered with 6 follies. It was almost worse than labour. I basically laid on the couch and when I had to get up, walked in a crouch. The pain started at about 11am, and was starting to get better around 5pm, although I was sore for a couple of days.

But I got my BFP off that cycle, so I don’t think that it is a bad thing!


With my 2nd positive IUI I felt like crud as soon as the procedure was done. It lasted 6 days. Actually longer but on 6dpiui I got a :bfp: . So it could definitely be a good sign. I didn’t have a scan with that IUI so I have no idea how many follicles I had.



Thanks ladies! Feeling a little better today, I was back today for the 2nd day of my 3rd round and the nurse confirmed… pain is good :wink: Who knew?

:babydust: :pray: :cross: :bsv: