3rd IVF with sperm donor


Hi to all.
I am new to this forum and looking desperately for advice on my issue.

6 years ago I found out that I had testicular cancer. I made the orchiectomy and I was advised to keep my sperm frozen before taking my Radiation treatment. I went for times to the sperm laboratory. The first 2 were not good. The first one was only 3000000/ml and 20% mobility. The 2nd was 2500000/ml and 28% mobility. The last 2 were very very bad (45000/ml and 30% mobility). Also their morphology was not good. Tales were cut and head had abnormalities.

On May 2010, I made sperm diiagram and had 0 sperm (azoospermia) due to Radiation Therapy that followed testicular cancer. So I had no other choice but use my 5 years frozen sperm.

On 2010 (5 years later) we decided to go on our 1st IVF cycle (ICSI). We defrost only one sperm “stick” (I don’t know the English word). This “stick” was drawn from the 3000000/ml. However they say that viable sperm was about 1000 with very low mobility and bad morphology.
On egg retrieval they took 14 eggs, 12 of which were of fine quality. Only 4 were fertilized.
We made the transfer on day 2 (???) and the 3 of them were transferred. 1 grade-A 8-cell and 2 grade B 4-cell.
The following day (day 3) they called us to inform that the 4th one didn’t make it and therefore we cannot freeze it.
1st IVF cycle failed (BFN).

2nd IVF (ICSI)
Sperm laboratory proposed we defrost 4 sperm “sticks”, on of every day that they collected my sperm.
14 eggs were retrieved but only 5 fertilized.
We went for embryo transfer on day 2 and … what a bad surprize ??? only 2 were made it on day 2. 1 5-cell and 1 2 - cell embryo. Pictures were so bad, it was obvious comparing them with our 1st IVF attempt.
2nd IVF also failed (BFN).

Doctor said that my sperm is of very poor quality and there is very little possibility that it can produce viable embryos that can result in a pregnancy (actually he said "it is very questionable that your sperm can produce viable embryos).

He advised us to make a 3rd attempt and use sperm donor. He said that we can use 3 or 4 eggs (my wife is only 28 and she produces many good eggs, the first 2 IVFs we got 14 eggs on both attempts) with sperm donor and see if they develop to blastocyst state and use the other eggs with my sperm (use 4 sperm “sticks” instead of only one in the hope of finding the strongest sperm).

Can anyone advise me on that? How many eggs to use with DS? Should I use the best eggs with DS or with my sperm? Any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you in advance


While I don’t have any advice for you, my heart goes out to you as you make this tough decision. You might repost this in a place where more people will see it, so you can get more responses. Try the Men’s Infertility Support forum under General Infertility Support, or the Donor Issues forum under Infertility Treatments.

Best of luck to you!


So sorry you are going through this. I think it really depends on your financial situation. IVF is expensive so if your insurance is paying or you can afford to take the risk of using your sperm, I would use your sperm. BUT, if funds are limited you want to mitigate risk and do what is most likely to produce a baby. Since your wife is young and has a lot of eggs, you don’t have to worry about not having enough eggs or wasting too much time.

Good Luck.