3rd times a charm?


Hey guys, I’m Lisa, 41 years old desperately trying to get pregnant for the second time. My first pregnancy was 10 years ago, through IUI with no fertility drugs I conceived a healthy baby boy. Boy what a difference 10 years makes! I am on my second round of clomid. 100 mg a day for five days. Last cycle I produced 4 healthy eggs an one that was too large. Of those five, none were fertilized. I underwent an HSG to unblock my tubes 4 months ago, so I know that’s not the problem. I ovulate every month unassisted, so I’m good there too. I’m using donor sperm from a bank so I know the sperm is of high quality. I was inseminated IUI on April 3rd an my period is due in 2 days. Crossing my fingers that 3rd time is a charm and I won’t have to be heartbroken again.:cross:


I’m hoping for you too.



Thank you for your support Julia!


:cross: for you!!!