4 m/c...is this the end?


I can’t express how desperate I am now having had 4 consecutive miscarriages. I was so counting to have this 4rth pregnancy stick. I went through RPL thread and see that most ladies got successfully pregnant after 2 or 3 m/c’s, so I hoped to be in the same bunch of fortunate cases. Oh well, it’s my 4rth pregnancy and 4rth miscarriage. I never get pregnant on my own, so each “try” costs me tons of $ (no insurance coverage).

I must say that it’s not this loss that broke my heart (I specifically didn’t get emotionally attached to the LO), but it’s the realization that we tried practically all treatements there are for RPL and nothing worked. I need to accept the fact that I may never hold my baby.

I’m looking for some hope and support. I’m looking for success stories after 4+ m/c’s. I just need a bit of hope to continue on this path…


Hi. First of all, we feel your pain. My wife has never even been pregnant and it is not for lack of trying. I’m not sure how far you are willing to go, but I just thought I’d ask anyway: is surrogacy out of the question for you? Or could it be an option?


Delusion- I’m sending you virtual hugs. As you know, I’m not very far along, but what has worked for me was the donor embies and immune treatment (which you did). I know Brit1812 also had several miscarriages and now she has 2 children using donor embies. It is also much cheaper than IVF too. There is a clinic in Reno NV that has DE and only charges for the cost of the FET. If I ever try again, I might go there.
I so hope you find your lucky ticket!! :grouphug:


joeld5a, thank you for your post. I very much hope that you and your wife will get pregnant soon. I have a close friend who has been struggling with IF for many years, she did countless IUIs and 5 fresh IVF+ few frozen cycles. She’s now pregnant! For the very first(!!!) time. We don’t know what helped her: it’s either new IVF protocol (it was minimal stimulation) or CoQ10 she was taking for 3 months before it. But it worked. I hope you will eventually find a way, I really do!

The surrogacy is probably not out. I’m 32 and I still have time to try on my own. And I will. I don’t know how long I can last, maybe another couple of years. We are very determined to continue trying. If not, we’ll see. My concern with surrogacy is that we don’t have close friends/relatives who’ll be willing to do it for us, so we’ll need to look for a gestational carrier. I have no clue how much it can cost and whether we can afford it. Prob not:(((

luv4rachela, donor egg is definitely starting to take its shape in my world’s picture. But not yet. I am willing to try another couple of fresh IVF before it. This is in addition to FET’s. I am very much determined to have this baby. Sometimes I’m afraid that just b/c I’m so determined and ready to get up and try again whatever number of times it takes the fate will play a trick on me and I just won’t have it. But I need to fight, otherwise I feel like I’m losing. At least I gotta try for now…

Btw, are you on prednisolone/dexamethasone? If so, what’s the dosage?