40+ Ladies- DHEA- Did it help?


Hi ladies,

I am basically done with my own eggs and will likely do a donor egg cycle this year. In the meantime, we will still try on our own. I make a lot of eggs…so that is not my issue. The issue is making normal eggs at my age. I wanted to know from those of you that are in your forties and whom took DHEA, did the DHEA help you make more normal embryos? Did it help at all? Thanks.


I took OTC DHEA for my first IVF at age almost 43 and was successful with one child. We had 5 make it to blast, transferred two and froze three. Had a failed FET with our three frozen embies over the summer. So, out of 20 eggs, we only ended up with one baby. Not sure if that means we only had one normal or not. That’s the hard part–the not knowing.

Getting ready for IVF#2 in early March and will have been on DHEA for 6 mo by that time. Half of that time I was on a compounded DHEA prescription. Just ran out, so going to talk to RE about his thoughts of my continuing on it. He wrote the script, but I get the feeling he is still not 100% on board with the studies on DHEA. I am convinced however.

Also, I am struggling with the fact that he wants me to stop DHEA at stims, while all the clinical studies have older women continue until the first beta test. RE says that it is a male hormone and will affect egg quality adversely. What to do? What to do?

So, I can’t tell you my results just yet for IVF #2, since I will have been on DHEA much longer and with an Rx for DHEA to boot if that makes any difference.

That said, I am on a handful of other supplements twice a day too, so no telling what will have an impact.

Best of luck on your journey.


Have you had your embryo’s tested? What is your fert rate %?

I’ve been taking dhea for over 5 months and will have my 5th ivf this month. I’ll let you know if I get different results. I was on dhea last time but I also changed clinics… Which made a big difference.


Thank you ladies.

Lkmisc…that is very encouraging!! Good luck to you in March. BTW…do you think it makes a difference whether you use compounded DHEA or micronized DHEA?

Aryan-definitely keep me posted on how your cycle goes. Good luck!! AFM…my fertilization rates have always been either 100% or near 100%. No…I never had genetic testing as most of my IVF’s were done at teh age of 44 and frankly…we already know that up to 9 out of 10 of my embies would likley be abnormal. Also, there are some studies that show that genetic testing can harm the embryos. With the liklihood of me having so few normals anyway…I opted not to take this chance.


How much are you taking each day. My RE recommended 75mg a day but after doing some reading I’m a little nervous.


Class-- I asked about the fert rate because mine is low (40-50%) because of egg quality. I’m with you on the testing… I’m not doing it either. That being said you’ve had embryos attached… Is there a chance you have blood clotting or immune issues? I’ve never had an embryo even attach!!:grr: I’ll keep you posted on the dhea round.