40+ Ladies this should give you hope


I just had to share this–not sure whether I find it amazing or depressing or both. I’m a nurse working at a large urban hospital in the East. Today I happened to prep a chart on a woman coming in for Essure (new non-surgical, hormone-free birth control procedure). Anyway, turns out this patient was born 10/1965 & delivered a healthy baby by vaginal delivery 8/2010 @ age 44, conceived at 44 naturally. Here’s the kicker: She has a history of diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, smoked a pack a day of cigarettes x 20 yrs (& thru pregnancy!), tested positive for cocaine & marijuana on delivery day, she was 5’8" & about 200 lbs at delivery date. She had some complications after delivery including postpartum heart issues, but has recovered. I just couldn’t believe that someone with so many health (& social) issues could still conceive & have a normal pregnancy. I was also surprised she didn’t receive a c-section. Hopefully those of us who are trying so hard to stay healthy & conceive will be blessed to see our dreams come true.



Started clomid oct 17,
1 follicle @ 19 oct 26 did ovidrel shot
made wooipe ever other day:pray:
Nov 9 took beta less than 1 very sad:grr::af: :bfn:
ready for second go wish me luck!


Wow!!! That was very encouraging as well as disheartning.