42 planning a FET in March or April


Just wondering if anyone else is in a similar boat as me with a FET at 42 or older? My frostie babies are 3 years old and the my Dr. thinks I have a good chance. I had my DS with my first IVF round in 2012 after a fresh cycle IVF.
I am looking for advise and support.


I am 43 (almost 44) and am doing an FET this month (transfer estimated to be 2/19). I’m using embryos from a successful cycle when I was 41.


Sending Dragongirl good vibes and best wishes for your FET in a couple of weeks!! :slight_smile:
Please keep me posted!! Good luck!!


Wishing you both GOOD-GOOD VIBES! It sounds like you are both using Embies from previous successes. :slight_smile: I hope it turns out as positive as before.


I am! Having a consult with my re next week! We have two frozen 5 day blasts from 2007! We have two sets of twins. Our youngest(6) are from the fresh in 2007! Nervous as heck but wanting to give those little ones a chance!


Wow two sets of twins, how many embryos were transferred? Let me know how your consult goes.


Hi, yes clomid in 2002 and ivf in 2007 with two 5 day transferred and two 5 day frozen!


I worry a bit about having twins!! My Hats off to you. If I do end up with twins; I know it will be tough but I can handle it.


Of course you can Karend72! :slight_smile:
Momtotwice- how exciting!.. So if I’m hearing you right, this next pregnancy could possibly mean 3 set of twins? Sounds like a party.