45 and trying to get pregnant again


I am new to this forum and quite pessimistic. I am 45 years old and recently married (my second marriage), I have a wonderful husband who has however no children and wants a child. I have two girls aged 14 and 17 from my previous marriage. I want to have another child for my husband but I am not sure if I can. About 18months ago however I started having problems with my period. It now comes every 2-3 months, I have had FSH testing and was 18, then 28 and at one stage 54. I was told by my doctors I am pre menopausal. I have done research and I don’t know if I would like to get pregnant with my own eggs even if I could due to the high health risks involved, so I am thinking of using donor eggs with my husbands sperm.
What I would like is some input on this subject. If I use donor eggs will my age affect my pregnancy, I am healthy and had two easy pregnancies the first time around.
Another factor is my husbands age, he is 59. (I even have some doubts about having a child at our age).
Thank you

P.S I am also posting this on the donor eggs forum.


I think DE is the way to go! There are many women our age taking the DE journey on PVED.org (parenting via egg donation) I found tons of support there and found out that I’m actually one of the young ones! yeah! :slight_smile: (I’m 42) I also think another key is to find the right clinic with good statistics! Sending baby dust your way… You can do it!!


I agree! DE is a great option. If I could afford, i would do it without a moment’s hesitation If you already have your own biological kids, that’s not as much of an issue, and it seems that you are most concerned about DH. In that case, why not save time and go w/ a more likely positive outcome and go for DE?


123 Mary, no doubt DEs are the way to go!!! We did it when I was 42 after two failed IVFs. I could not love my son more and we have 7 frosties left… The entire process with my clinic was super easy. They have inhouse donors…and it worked right away. If you can somehow, go for it!!