45+ Trying to conceive


Hey! How are you doing? Well, no one is growing any younger Love. Its just you would get at the correct time. Sad to hear about your problem. That’s really sad. But there is a good option as a surrogate mother. That could help you be a mother. Without any complication. You have made a great selection I must say.
And to answer your question. Once you have found fertility clinic they would find you a good surrogate. And that depends how efficiently they work. They would let you know every little detail and timing of the procedure.
I hope you soon find a good clinic for yourself. Good luck.


Hey! It’s me Julie. Hope so you are doing good.
I just read your case. It made me so sad. And I’m glad to know that instead of losing hope you are ready for surrogacy. I’m really proud of you.
You have chosen the best option of surrogacy. There are many clinics in Europe that are specialized for surrogacy. Such clinics give quality treatment to their patients. Expenses are not so high there. They also have their surrogate mothers. Such clinics also offer gender selection. I have got many great reviews about it. I think you should go for it. I have seen many cases who have passed through this situation. They are living a happy life now. Even it seems better for you.
All my sympathies are with you.


I totally fell you hun, as I am 42 and TTC for nearly 9 years. And I have a low ovarian reserve which has reduced my chances of conception to 5%. I was devastated until I found out about surrogacy and how it works. Since then I am researching about how surrogacy abroad is like. And luckily I found some genuine stuff online. There are surrogates who record their own surrogacy journeys and how they inspired to do. And the journey of parents being IP’s literally made me feel happy. Because, these couples were the ones who were TTC for years…and the joy on their faces when they hold the baby first time is priceless. This helped to make up my mind and DH’s to peruse surrogacy abroad. Eastern Europe has most reliable laws and the cost is much cheaper than the ones in our countries. However, you must consider pints when looking for a clinic there, the success rate of the clinic, how frequent the staff turnover is, and the clinic is equipped with ART. Hope this has helped. Good luck


Hi. I hope you are doing fine. I am so sorry to know about your situation. It is never too late to try surrogacy. I have been in the same boat. I can relate to your pain. I have had my treatment done from Ukraine. There are a number of fertility clinics offering such services. You must try one of them. The clinic offers good accommodation, food and a driver. The expenditure is quite reasonable too. The doctors are always ready to give their honest suggestion. The staff is quite cooperative. You will not regret your decision. I am very satisfied with their services. You must give it a try. I am sure you’ll be a mommy soon. Sending baby dust. All the best. Take good care of yourself.


Hey there! How are you doing? Hope you are doing fine. We are doing great. TTC is tough no doubt. You are right you should go for surrogacy. Surrogacy is a blessing in disguise for infertile couples. It helped me become a mother and I am sure it will help you too. Yes, there are some countries who have certain laws regarding surrogacy. I don’t know why would they do that. But what can we do if these politicians can’t take the fact that this is 2018 and there are issues like this since the beginning. You may need to do some research of yours. Visit some clinics. I am sure you will find valuable information. Take care. God bless.


"Hi there? Hope you are fine.
Really sorry to hear what you had faced in your life.
It’s good that after hard times, you didn’t give up and are looking for the solutions.
The thing which really make me angry that it is not allowed in so many countries. I don’t know why they don’t understand the purpose behind surrogacy. They will surely understand, we need to be positive. Well moving towards your question I think you should choose Ukrainian clinic for your treatment. They are doing exceptionally great in this field. They are trustworthy that is why People from all over the world visited them. You seemed so confused which is not good, it will effect your health. Be positive and hopeful. Things are going to be perfect. My good wishes and prayers are with you. God bless you "


Hi there, I hope you may be fine. It’s a painful procedure. You have gone through a lot of tough time. Life purpose is to move on.IVF May be fail. So you go for surrogacy. Well, it’s a treatment in which you get your own biological child. A surrogate mother is appointed to you. My friend was suffering through a lot. IVF doesn’t work on her because she was not healthy. So she visited clinics in London. They treated her really well. Now she is having 3 children. She is loving it. You will also love it. Got for it and don’t hesitate. Best of luck my dear friend.


Definitely say I’m with you. Would-be parents from nearby West European countries including the UK and from as far as Australia and the USA are seeking surrogacy in Eastern Europe more and more. The process is well regulated there. Surrogates are usually required to submit photos upon application. Then they undergo testing both physically and psychologically to make sure they are fit. Only women who have given birth before are qualified to become surrogate mothers. Agencies/clinics usually do not accept surrogates who drink, smoke, or take drugs. Typical surrogate moms from Eastern Europe are between 20 and 40 yrs. Prospective parents are given several profiles they can choose from before agreeing to a surrogate mom. As I’ve mentioned above, before going straight for pregnancy, a surrogate would have to undergo extensive medical testing. What tests a woman has to go through depends on the country’s law. Usually these involve gynecological examinations, blood tests, and screening for various sexually-transmitted diseases among many others. She also has to go through psychological screening. She would usually be given continual counseling by the agency along with the parents. In countries where commercial surrogacy is legal like Ukraine, the surrogate will have zero parental rights over the child!!! Gestational surrogacy cases may require some paperwork so that you can be legally named parents of the child. Otherwise, all you need to worry about is acquiring an exit visa for the child!! But as usual there are some cons. While more affordable and financially feasible for you, you will unfortunately not be able to personally screen potential mothers for the surrogate pregnancy process in Eastern Europe. Since your baby’s life depends on the surrogate for nine months, it’s best to check your agency’s/clinic’s reputation when it comes to choosing and screening surrogate moms. Make sure your agency/clinic performs regular checks and home visits on the surrogate since you can’t be there physically to do it on your own. Wishing you the best of luck in the world with your tratment. May both your little ones stay strong and healthy for the rest of mons. Hope to hear a happy announcement soon. All the best!


Yes, some European countries either prohibit surrogacy or allow surrogacy agreements only the surrogate is unpaid. For those countries that allow surrogacy the laws typically give all parental rights to the surrogate. This is so until a court process can transfer the rights from her to the intended parents. In these countries the surrogate has the right to keep the baby if she chooses. But this will never happen in Ukraine. Surrogacy there is well regulated. Surrogacy contracts are considered enforceable under legislation. Under Ukrainian law, the child belongs to intended parents from the moment of conception. Once the baby is born, the birth certificate is issued with the names of theintended parents. The surrogate is not awarded any parental rights. She has no standing to keep the baby or claim any rights. This is true even if there were no biological relation between the child and intended parents. In this and other cases their names remain on the birth certificate which is absolutely great.


I would personally suggest to ask for the data from your clinic, for your specific age, before investing so much: how many cycles have they performed during the last 1 or 2 or 3 years, and how many live births of healthy babies have they achieved. Not pregnancies, live births of healthy babies. I really think you need this information to make an informed decision. Or you can look at www.sart.org to find clinics who have reported live births at your age. Going through IF treatments (for me) it’s a huge investment: of time, money, personal health, emotionally, with a huge impact in the rest of our lives, on our work, on our relationships with SO etc, etc. Personally, I would like to know what my chances are before going ahead. Again obviously we are all different, some have more resources and some less, some think that a low percentage is ok as long as it’s not zero, and others think that it isn’t. Or you can opt for surrogacy like me. the choice is yours.


I’d agree one should study well the clinic’s success rates before opting for surrogacy with it. Or any other treatment, it’s good to know the place can guarantee some of the outcomes. And of course going through the treatments impacts much the relationship. And not always is a good way. I happened to meet ladies on the boards saying ‘‘dh has always been the rock of support for me’’ and vice versa ‘‘He didn’t even wanted to give ivf a try…, so we broke up…’’ This is so important to have supportive people by side who’ll never let you fall.


Hi there! I hope you’ve already got more answers. Still think I can drop in. SO here we go~
Which country is better to go? - Recently Ukraine has become the best destination. This is 'cause of the surrogacy friendly law there. IP are considered to be the only legal parents of the baby from the moment of conception! The surro has no right to keep the baby after delivery. Then affordable prices. You might opt for 2 shots program for 39k euros. Or ‘‘guaranteed’’ 5 shots (unlimited number of attempts) for 49k euros. The clinic we’ve been with has its packages all inclusive. Meaning you’ll have all meds needed included into the package price. All legal support. Donor eggs (if needed) for no extra fee. Surro mother choice from their large database. You might also get ther special ‘‘guarantee’’. meaning you’re given 5 shots. if you fail to conceive within those 5 rounds, they’ll refund money back. (the point is that you’ll get a baby no matter how many attempts is needed for that).
Which clinics are better to address? - There are many repro centers in Ukraine. But I 'll definitely recommend Bio texcom. 'Cause I have personal experience with it. Attarctive sets of services. All inclusive plans. ‘‘Guaranteed’’ options. Large donor/surro database. 70% success rate. Legal support. The best experienced team. Affordable prices.
How long it takes to find sm? - It depends on the package you sign up for. If it’s VIP it will take up to 3-4 wks to find the right surro for you.
I read that sometimes it takes years. Is that true? - In Ukraine NO! It won’t take you yrs. 'Cause a lot of women participate in the programs there. Some surros come back to the clinic for more programs. So on this point you shouldn’t worry at all.
Hope this helps. Would be nice to know some of the updates. GL!!