4dp5dt tested bfn


This is ivf#2. Transferred 2 embies grade 3A and 3B on 5th Jan. Beta due on 14th Jan. Hpt came out bfn 4dp5dt. Losing hope.

Ivf#1 did not implant. Previous 2 mcs


OMG, I’m so sorry to hear this…I know that you’re more likely to have got the accurate results so far. and that this post might be days late, but i DO want to think you tested too early. See, after the following experience I bet never test before official beta. I did a HPT and a faint pink line showed up within like 20 sec and then got darker as the 3 minutes went on. Never got as dark as a the control line but there are two lines. My beta was still in a couple of days. I was trying not to get my hopes. I worried about false positive or a chemical pregnancy. I knew there was nothing anybody could say me. We transferred 2 blasts, one was a 4BB and one a 1BA then. I redid the test the following morning and got the same results. I was afraid those weren’t the guideline written on the box. so that was expecting chemical. got it…I was broken and regreted I tested this early and tortured myself all those days long. That following shot brought us no result. I’m sure you’ll understand what I meant. Early testing for me was so nerve wrecking. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. Feel free to drop me a line if facing a tough moment.


Don’t lose hope yet! 4dp5dt is early!