4dp6dt and no symptoms?


I am currently 4dp5dt and I think the only symptoms i feel are from the progesterone because they have been about the same since even before the transfer. Did anyone else get a positive pregnancy test with no symptoms? I feel like I am just supposed to KNOW if I am pregnant or not…anyone think they weren’t pregnant and ended up being pregnant?

Did anyone take a home pregnancy test this early and get a positive? What were your symptoms? Just looking for some reassurance during this long wait… My first beta isnt until friday.


I think you’re too early to experience symptoms yet. I didn’ t have symptoms when I got my first beta. I believe I mya have gotten slight light headedness when standing up between betas one and two, otherwise nothing. I think most symptoms kick in closer to 6 weeks of pregnancy. I personally never got full blown morning sickness more like just mildly feeling “not right” along with food aversions, and some intestinal discomfort, and those symptoms didn’t start until around the ultrasound at 7 weeks. Sorry I don’ t know anything about when to test. I did not POAS with my IVFs.


I think all the symptoms this early are from the progesterone even if you get a BFP. But you can get a positive pregnancy test this early. It’s basically 10dpo. But if you get a negative it doesn’t mean that you aren’t pregnant. I wouldn’t take one unless you think you can handle a false negative. It’s tough. Good luck to you!


Don’t worry about the lack of symptoms. Like dragon girl said, some people don’t even experience any symptoms til much further along… like 6-8 weeks… I am currently 10dp6dt and have no symptoms (except the ones from progesterone, like you said). As far as peeing on a stick, I would try to hold out until your beta. I peed on a stick 4 days ago and it was negative and I freaked out. It’s way too early… If you are able to POAS and if it’s negative you’re able to stay level-headed, you should consider it. But for me since I POASed on 6dp6dt, I’ve been POASing like 3 times a day which is ridiculous… I know it’s hard, but try to stay positive, distract yourself with a book or tv… Good luck with the 2ww =)


I didn’t have any symptoms when I got my bfp at 14 dpo. The only thing I had was breast tenderness but I always had that before my period starts, it just got a lot worst as the weeks went by. No morning sickness, no light headed. Oh, I did feel tired as the weeks went by but that was around 6 weeks. My sister in law didn’t get a positive test until 2 weeks after her period was due. So just try to wait four more days and test it again:). Good luck:).


Many women don’t have symptoms at all. Only later some show up. Plus, it’s too early for you to feel anything or even test.


Thanks! I know I’m being crazy but this whole experience I think makes everyone a little crazy. My emotions are out of control. Last night I started crying for no reason and then started laughing because I was crying. My husband thinks its hysterical and that I’m nuts. lol. I think I’m going to wait and POAS the morning of my beta so i can be emotionally prepared at work at least when I get the call. I just get nervous because I read all these stories of women who just knew intuitively that they were pregnant and I just don’t feel that. google is the enemy and I am addicted…


Hi! I just went thru an FET and transferred 2 day 5 blasts on Thursday. My beta is Friday also (doing it early for the weekend). I’ve been extremely tired the past few days. My breasts are tender and heavy but I really think that’s the progesterone. I’m debating on POAS - I’ve been thru this a few times already and won’t be totally crushed if it’s yet another BFN. I’m really hoping it works this time. Fingers crossed for all of us.


So i decided to take a pregnancy test this morning against all advice and my husbands express orders not to (lol, He thinks I will have a meltdown) and i think I saw an extremely faint second line. I’m talking I could only see it if i looked at it in bright light. possibly pregnant or just imagining it? Is it possible to be pregnant and see such a faint faint line? i am 6dp6dt now.


Yes you definitely can see a faint line and be pregnant! You are only 12dpo, if you look at calendars online they say your hcg doesn’t even start to show up until now. Congrats!


Mel that’s awesome!!! I’m 5dp5dt and I was going to POAS either tomorrow or Thursday!!! I’m nervous tho lol. My beta is 645am Friday and I kind of want to know before hand - I’ve always waited before.


I’m not celebrating yet because i think i may be getting my period. i really feel like I am. I was googleing faint positive and a lot of people said it can be a false positive if you read the test after 10 minutes and now I honestly can’t remember if I read the test before 10 minutes~ I can’t decide if I want to take another test to confirm before Friday or if I should just wait. I’m 7dp6dt now so i think if I get a negative test I may breakdown. JKphil - did you end up POAS this morning?


False positives are really quite rare. Don’t believe everything you read on google. What it can be is a possible chemical pregnancy etc. but that can happen after a good beta as well. You just need to take it one day at a time and try to feel cautiously optimistic. If I were you I would take another test. I promise it is worse to find out from the nurse especially since they call during work hours. You can deal with it on your own a little easier at home. I wish you the best!


So my first beta was 23 so that explains the really faint tests. I’m not all that’s hopeful at this point but I go on sun for a second beta.


Im sorry your beta was low. What did the doctor say? Because I have seen people have low betas and have a successful pregnancy. It sucks that you have to wait until Monday. :frowning: Hoping for a doubling!


The doctor just said that it lower than they like but we would have to wait to see if it doubles. I’m just praying it doubles now but i’ve been crying all day anyway. oh well. There are very few success stories with low betas that I found online. Good luck with your transfer on Monday! I will be crossing my fingers for you!


melchick I just had another beta and I’m doubling… My beta at 8dp6dt was only 22… I’m currently 15dp6dt and its 425! So I’m still hopeful. I think we’re in the same boat… so don’t lose hope


Thanks Love Chocolate! That gives me some hope : ) Are you getting anymore beta’s between now and your ultrasound?


Any news melchick?


Unfortunately yes. My level only rose to 35. They are keeping me on progesterone and having me come back in on thursday but I’m not hopeful and want to be done with these suppositories.

Good luck with your transfer today!!! Sending sticky vibes your way : )