5 dp 5 et hpt hegative


Doing 1st IVF
start BC 03/02
Lupron 03/12 10cc
ovulated on Lupron
03/21 doing Lupron 20cc
03/28 2men 225gonal 5cc Lupron
04/01 4 men 350 gonal 5cc Lupron
HG 04/08
04/10 ER got 18 eggs 11 fertilized
04/15 ET 2 great blastocyst 2 more frozen
3 dp 5 et hpt :bfn:
4 dp 5 et hpt:bfn:
5 dp 5 et hpt :bfn: :grr:


whoa whoa whoa, do not get upset. I didn’t get the faintest of faint positives until 7dp5dt and he is in the other room calling me right now. I know it is so tough not to get discouraged. I did the same thing here that cycle. Counted myself out and then whoops, got the BFP. Keep your head up!:babydust: :cheer:


Getting a bfp at 5dp5dt would require transferring a fully hatched embryo that just happens to start to implant immediately after transfer. An embryo that still needs to hatch or doesn’t find the right spot in the first few hours wouldn’t be producing hcg this early. Give it a few days before worrying. :slight_smile: