5 weeks pregnant low hcg and not doubling


Hello I am new to this forum but am in need of an option I am as of 6/18 five weeks pregnant and my hcg has not been doubling but it is increasing doctors say there is a good chance I will miscarry here are my number 6/13 hcg was 53 6/15 it went up to 88 6/17 it went up again to only98 but 6/18 it was 118 I was just wondering if anyone else has had this experience and everything was ok my husband and I want a baby so badly and I have pcos and have to use clomid and only 1% of his sperm are the right shape please help I am going crazy


[FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]All you can do is stay positive. You could have a slow rising beta or a possible chemical pg. Your numbers are going up therefore they might be able to rule out a chemical pg? Best wishes and try to relax. [/SIZE][/FONT]