5dpiui Blood Work Questions...


Hi Ladies -

I didn’t think it was possible to have more questions, but of course I do.
I went this morning for my 5dpiui blood work and I have some questions.

  1. Do all RE’s do this?
  2. I am getting checked for progesterone. What is considered a “good” number. What does this tell me exactly? Will it tell me if I actually ovulated?
  3. Last cycle my levels were low so they had me take another Ovidrel shot as a progesterone boost. Has anyone else been prescribed this? I see a lot of ladies doing suppositories.

Thanks for your help!


i had to do a progesterone check at 7dpiui. Mine was 18.5. Dr said it was perfect. I have my beta today but I dont think Im pregnant. HPTs all negative. The number doesnt reflect pregnancy but does show if you ovulated and if its low, you will be perscribed synthetic progesterone as you need a high number if your pregnant. I have read that Dr’s like to see a 15 or higher if you took meds, 10 or higher without meds. Good Luck :slight_smile:


I did not have my progesterone checked this cycle, but, last cycle, my RE checked it at 7dpiui. And, at that point, they wanted to see 15-20 on a medicated cycle or 10-15 on an unmedicated cycle. Mine was 56, but as md08 stated, it doesn’t indicate pregnancy. My cycle ended with a negative beta. The progesterone only indicates whether ovulation occurred or not. As for the Ovidrel booster, I have heard of this. I haven’t done it myself and, yes most women on here talk about suppositories, but I have heard of Ovidrel as a booster for low progesterone. Since it is the pregnancy hormone, I think it works in the same way as progesterone.


Thanks for the responses. Mine came back today (5dpiui)at 12.6 and the RE was happy with that, she said they look for anything over 8 at this point. I feel like that is on the low side and I am half tempted to take the Ovidrel shot (i have one in the fridge) anyway…