5dpt and I have the flu. Help!


I did my fet 5 days ago (2 three cell embies) and woke up last night with the chills. Today I have had what I would consider to be the flu: chills, vomitting twice, nausea, light-headedness, dizziness.
Does anyone know if this is my body rejecting the embryos? Or will this negatively impact this cycle?


It’s definitely not your body rejecting the embryos. It sounds like a flu. I would follow up with your RE and see if they have any suggestions, particularly if you have a fever.

My sister had a serious flu right before she got her BFP and my niece is a happy girl! I’ve also seen plenty of ladies here get sick in their cycles and things turn out okay.

Good luck! Feel better soon!


Thanks JessStillWaits. I have had no fever so I’m hoping that I shouldn’t be worried then. It is so nerveracking to have had flu symptoms right around implantation time and after all of this time and money put in. I am feeling better today physically but am struggling with staying positive! Not feeling any crampiness today that I was feeling yesterday before my flu set in…


Not to scare you - but is it possible you might have mild OHSS? I was not at risk for OHSS, but had one day of mild OHSS 3 days after ER - would have been day of transfer if I had a day 3. I took a nap, and woke up terribly achy and dry-heaving. I thought I either had the flu or somehow gave myself food poisioning. After the 3rd time to the bathroom dry-heaving, I called my RE who gave me anti-nausea meds. I would follow-up with them.


Thanks for your responses. No, it’s not mild OHSS…I feel better today. I figured out that I had forgotten to take my Paxil (antidepressant) for 2 entire days and so was having withdrawal symptoms! I’m back on track and crossing my fingers that I didn’t ruin the embies chances at implanting!