5failed iuis and 2 failed ivfs, what to do?


I never imagined that we would be on this journey. My husband and I have been married three years and have been trying for two years.
My husband has low sperm count, slow motility, and recently we just found out that he has a benign tumor on his pituitary gland.
We have done 2 unmedicated iuis, 3 medicated with clomid iuis, and 2 ivfs, and none of it has worked!
This second ivf was the hardest,because on the day of the retrieval, my husband had 0 sperm to fertilize the eggs. Thankfully the doctor was able to freeze my eggs, and three months later my husband produced enough sperm to fertilize them. Of the 6 eggs, 5 survived the thaw and three fertilized normally. We transferred 2 embryos on day 3- 1- 8 cell embryo and 1- 5 cell embryo. Today we found out that neither embryo stuck.:-(. The third embryo never made it past day 2.
Our first ivf was difficult too. I got two cyst during Stims and had to stay on lupron for a longer amount of time and have one cyst aspirated. Then we only had two embryos make it to the 5 th day. The doctor said these didn’t grow like he hoped they would, but he transferred them anyway.
It’s just been one let down after another. I don’t know what to do now. My husband is going to an endocrinologist to treat the tumor and his low testosterone. I hope this helps! I also hope that we can try on our own too then, because this infertility journey is getting Expensive!


I understand what you are going through. My husband and I just celebrated our 4 year anniversary and have been trying since the honeymoon. We did 6 iui’s, one end in cp. We did 1 ivf and 2 fet, one that resulted in mc @ 8wks. My husband has low morphology and slight issues with his motility but I have checked out fine. We even just finished another hsg that came out great. I am trying to talk my dr into getting me a lapascopy to check for endo. We have been taking a break since our mc in March and might jump back in after the holidays. I just want a Christmas without the added hormones! Last two years have not been pretty :slight_smile:


Wow you and I had VERY similar days yesterday! We have been TTC for a total of about 7 years. These 7 years have included a miscarriage, a birth, another miscarriage and since 5 medicated IUI’s and 2 IVFs. We drove 4 hours to our clinic yesterday only to be called when we were 15 mintues away that we didn’t have anything to transfer.

Like you I never imagined I would find myself where I am. And at this point I am getting “older” too!

Knowing what your next step is is tough. And what is the next step for one person isn’t necessarily the right step for the next person. Whatever you choose I hope you will find some peace.

I am just tired. I am tired of living life trying for something more. For me I am feeling it is time to call it quits and accept our family as it is. (Calling it quits when you already have a child though is I am sure easier than if we didn’t have a child yet.) But this is hard. I don’t quit at things.

I wish you the best!


Follow up with dr

After talking to the dr yesterday, he said we had two good looking embryos, no reason they didn’t take!
Today has been very difficult. Emotionally and financially, i don’t know how much more of this I can take.
My husband is scheduled to see an endocrinologist in Dec. To treat that tumor on his pituitary. I’m hoping that will help us conceive naturally!
My husband is so good at reminding me that no matter how many doctors we see and how much we want to control this, we cant. This is a God-thing and if it’s Gods wil, we will conceive a child. We don’t need to ask questions.


Thanks for your response

Thank you for responding!


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