5wks and no symptoms


I was wondering if it’s normal not to have any symptoms at all and I’m 5w2d today. I don’t feel tired or nauseous, and I’m freaking out because having the symptoms would make me feel like at least the baby is growing. I’m just so worried because of a chemical pregnancy I had in the past, and I know that this time it’s different because I had amazing beta numbers (and the chemical one had such low betas that didn’t double), but I still feel sick with worry. I felt tired last weekend, but it was only a couple of days (plus I was traveling), and since then I haven’t felt any fatigue. Has anyone got any advice?


You might be one of the lucky ones not too have any symptoms at all. When I got my BFP I started having ms an it was bad plus lots of other things. I didn’t get over my ms til I was about 13weeks then it left… :clap:

Since I’ve got farther a lone now I have other things going on. The baby loves to lay on my RS on my sciatic nerve which is painful. So sitting at my laptop is very hard right now an my back give out fast.

Congrats on your BFP… May you have a wonderful an healthy pregnancy… :preg: Be :pray: for you my dear. Everything will be A OK… Don’t stress try an relax and enjoy your pregnancy as it will start going by fast soon.


Google, don’t worry! Some people just don’t get those nasty symptoms and it’s perfectly okay. Plus you’re still quite early on, and I’ve read in the past that for a lot of people symptoms don’t kick in until 6 weeks.

Congratulations on the pregnancy and consider yourself lucky that you’re able to enjoy the early stages instead of puking your guts out :slight_smile:


I have had very few symptoms. I didn’t have any morning sickness until I was 12 weeks, and even then it was very minor. Around 6 weeks I started noticing that if I didn’t eat I would feel queasy, but once I ate something I was fine. I wasn’t overly tired as long as I was busy, but if I had a day that I was just sitting around, I kept napping. I didn’t even start to show until just the other day (18 weeks). My advice is to count your blessings–you might be one of the lucky ones to have a very smooth, symptom free pregnancy.


Congrats on your pregnancy! Try not to worry as hard as it is. I had no MS at all, I got tired around 8-12 weeks but other than that I felt really good up until the third trimester.

It’s still early, and you may start experiencing some symptoms in another week or so, but every one is different.

For me, I worried constantly until I started to feel him move every day! Congrats!


Thank you all for your reassuring words. It’s really hard not to worry, especially if we’ve gone through a m/c in the past. I just keep praying that everything is going to be ok. I don’t have my 1st u/s until 12-6. So I still have another 2 weeks to worry.


5weeks is way early for symptoms. Most don’t report til late 6th or 8th weeks. I didn’t feel anything til 7weeks with DD then all my symptoms disappeared around 9weeks. Low and behold, a few days later they were back with a vengence and I was sick as a dog til 13weeks. This time I felt nauseaous before I even had a positive test but it only lasted a few days and it was off as on. I’ve never felt even remotely sick after week 7 this time.

Different people respond differently to the hormones and even the same person can have completely different pregnancies. If I weren’t trying to get pregnant, I really wouldn’t have known I was pregnant this time until I started feeling the baby. Last time, there were days when I wasn’t sure I was going to survive the symptoms :slight_smile:

big congratulations to you and yours!!! Enjoy feeling good while you can (tho I do get why it worries you) and if you do start feeling the symptoms, I hope they are mild and pass quickly!!


yep, I didn’t feel anything at all until about 6.5 weeks. I was nauseous the first trimester, but never threw up, with either pregnancy. I had several chemicals and m/c’s and an ectopic and I felt worse with those!

lots of moms of multiples seem to not get any m/s… I’m just saying :flower: . any many moms of singletons don’t get any either.

congratulations on your pregnancy!:preg: :clap: :cheer: enjoy your Thanksgiving:flower:


I had none at all. It just varies from person to person.



You are not alone!! I’m a little over a week ahead of you - 6 weeks 6 days. I was just like you last week - NO symptoms whatsoever and freaking out! My breasts didn’t even hurt at all. I went in for my first ultrasound at 6 weeks 3 days and was so sure I wouldn’t see anything at all, but it was there! 1 heartbeat, possibly 2…

The strange thing is that once my nerves were gone, the symptoms really kicked in and I’ve been so nauseous for the last 3 days. I really think that anxiety can mask the symptoms. But still, they come and go… Like today - I woke up and feel great and of course I’m worried again! Good luck to you and I’m sure you are just fine!! Especially sine you have such great beta numbers - that really means a lot! :slight_smile:


thanks sally.

Congrats on the twins! Yea, it’s been hard because I just want everything to work out, and I know that I’m stressing myself out over it. It’s agony having to wait until the ultrasound which will be Dec 6.


I know, the wait for the ultrasound was the hardest part for me, but this week will go by so fast and it will be here before you know it! Once that milestone is over you will feel so much better. The week before my ultrasound, I kept saying, “there’s no way there’s anything in there! I don’t feel anything at all!” You just always think that once you’re pregnant, you’ll FEEL pregnant… but not always the case! I hope the week flies by for you!