#6 Failed IVFs,should i be switching to donor egg?


Hi Ladies

really need a bit of help in regard to what shold i b e doing now?as i feel so upset and low in life,I am 31 yr old,married for 8yrs,TTC for 5yrs,had lap in 2009 for endemetrosis which lead to low amh and poor quality eggs.Have tried evrything accu,wheat grass,dhea,fish oil…and wat not…

My DH 36 /diagnosed with obstructive azoospermia,but his sperms are absolutely healthy.

I have done more than #6IVF cycles in last 2 yrs ,but all failed,and never reached to the stage of pregnancy ever.Always good embryos were formed and transferred but no pregnancy ever and everytime doctor says its your eggs.

I dont know what i should be doing,should i be switching to donor as i want to start a family and get over all this…any succes stories?

I am of indian origin in australia so big problem is finding egg donor here,going to india doesnt seems to be practically possible.

Does anyone has any info abt the same…egg donor in australia…???

i always remember Tough times dont last but tough people do,and that keeps me going…


I don’t know if an egg donor is the next step, but I would definitely be changing clinics. You might have an immune or other issue which is preventing implantation. Have you had any testing done? Bloodwork or saline sono/hysteroscopy?


Hi maryevelyn

i have no clue abt the tests,everytime doctor says ohh, its your egg quality…

wat kind of tests can we do…do u have any idea…?


[quote=nandini]Hi maryevelyn

i have no clue abt the tests,everytime doctor says ohh, its your egg quality…

wat kind of tests can we do…do u have any idea…?[/quote]

they can do blood tests to see if you have any clotting disorders that could be preventing implantation. If so, lovenox could help. They can also test to see if you have elevated activated natural killer cell activity (though many doctors won’t do this testing, and not many labs can do it) usually intralipids or IVIG could resolve this. There are also other tests that I am not really sure about, but most are blood tests.
There are also physical tests they can do to see if you have a hydrosalpinx (toxic fluid in your tubes that can leak into the uterus- you can’t get pregnant with this), polyps, fibroids, uterine scarring, etc. There are many things that could possibly be contributing to your inability to get pregnant, and not all of them are bad eggs (although maybe you do have bad eggs). The point is that if you have any of these other issues donor eggs will not solve the problem.

you should check out the blog at ivfauthority.com.


Maryevelyn gave some great advice. One thing to consider if you do face the donor egg situation is to look into frozen eggs. There are a few large egg banks where you might actually find a donor with your ethnicity and features. Several ladies on the DE boards have done this and are very pleased (and pregnant)!

Just another option…

The donor egg decision is the hardest decision I’ve ever made, but I’m glad to be moving forward with a process that is much more likely to be successful for me. Kudos to you for surviving 6 cycles. That in iteslf is an accomplishment.

Best wishes!


great info ladies!!

#maryevelyn :I will check with my doctor regarding these tests,i dont know why he never thought of all this in last 2years.

#lucyddr:Hats off to u!!!i know switching to donor will be hard,but current situations are much harder to deal with(as u wud know),i hope i get enough strength to keep going.I hope i find a lovely donor who can help me and i wil definitely chek the frozen option as well,I think i have to cross all these failed cycles to reach to my baby…(like u have to kiss lot of frogs to find the prince :))


Get info ladies. My RE always says he has never met someone who was not happy with their baby from DE but it is a personal choice and tough decision.

What protocol has he used with you for wach cycle and what meds?

Also, sometimes the lab can make the differnece.

Good luck to you and keep us posted.



Hi Alicia

He has changed protocols in all the cycles,gonalf ,natural ivf,i cant even recall now ,like this time he tried antagonist…

he was surprised to retrieve 6eggs,though first scan only showed 2.
3 fertilized,2 transferred and 1 frozen…

when i spoke to him abt egg donor this time,he was fine but my only problem is where to find one(indian origin in australia)…i am so disoriented…:grr: