72-hours post trigger - no ovulation signs


Hi all, I am feeling really down this morning. It is 72 hours post-ovidrel shot and 46 hours post IUI but there is not a sign that I have ovulated.

I had ewcm for a very narrow window about 20 hours after the trigger (in an otherwise dry cycle, thanks to clomid) and twinges in the ovaries (especially left) for several hours. But no BBT rise, cervix never went high, no breast tenderness, no constipation even 72 hours after the shot - all this seems to suggest that progesterone has not started increasing. These are signs I see in my natural cycles. Leave alone a BFP, I am praying that I ovulated this cycle. I have to wait until Thursday for the P4 test to find out :frowning:

Anyone have a success story of ovulating in spite of these missing symptoms?


Did you have a u/s to confirm follies before iui (around cd 12??)


i had a u/s 1 day prior too iui (on the day of the trigger) - 1 follicle 21 mm on right side.


Im pretty sure that with both a trigger and having a mature egg (anything over 14) pretty much means you ovulated within that time frame. You did feel some good signs… twinges and things like that… I think these meds mess with cm as well!

Good luck and :cross: