8 days post iui need some advise


i am 8 days post iui and i havent had any symptoms at all. this is my second iui and the first one i was very hormonal and yucky. this time its like if nothing ever happened. When I did yoga yesterday and was in one of my stretches i felt my lower abdomen have flutters. and then today i was balled up n felt the flutters again. could this be pregnancy?


Well you are just one day past the time implantation can start. Also WAYYY to early to feel flutters IF you are pregnant. Really its way to early to tell if you are or aren’t. Also, every IUI cycle is different. I can tell you on the cycles i have none of my normal 2ww symptoms i get bfps. Keep calm and test in a few days. Goodluck :cross:


yea i have heard implantation can be from day 7-12. Im trying to patiently wait but i get so anxious and ive been trying to keep busy to. i guess ill just have to wait till next week