8dpo too early for HPT?


My DH and I are trying naturally in between cycles. I am 8DPO and I broke down and tested with a FRER this evening–BFN :frowning: I was having symptoms:sore boobs, heavy feeling in boobs, fleeting/twinging pains in pelvis, and slight nausea. I just had a chemical last month so I am hoping that might have left me more fertile this month…So when is the safest time to test? How accurate are those wondfo tests? Any other POAS tips-brands to use, etc…thanks!


Yes, I’d say that it’s pretty safe to say 8dpo is too early. Wait until 12 at the earliest, but many of even the most accurate tests still won’t be at their most accurate until the 5th day of your missed cycle (i.e. 19dpo or so). Unfortunately, there really isn’t anything you can do to hurry that along. :.) Good luck!