9th time the charm?


Hi all,
We have been members since 2010 (unsername EP2010, but lost login).

We had done about 5 IVF cycles (2 fresh and 3 frozen)from 2010-2012, and all were negative, so I think that we gave up. And we took a few years off. Then we got the baby bug again a couple of years ago and started back up in late 2016. We have done a fresh and a frozen and again negatoive. Then on IVF #8 a few months ago, we were almost pregnant. The pregnancy test was not positive but the count was low at 15. It should be over 50. After 2 days we did another blood test and it rose to 33, but still low. After that the doc told us that it was not a viable pregnancy and we stopped progesterone and it went to 0 the next test.

On Aug 11, we had a FET. Our last shot, since our insurance just maxed out and they’re our last frozen embryos. Had the test today and we have a positive (70). Hopefully, it continues rising.

To add, what we did differently in # 8 and 9 is moved the transfer date from day 5 to day 7 after surge.


OMG, I’m so sorry for all you’ve had to face, honey…I feel lack of words how could I support you…Your bfp seems to be the best answer though… May your beta keep on rising well. You’re a super brave one to have had gone through 9 attempts!! I’m so proud of you and sincerely happy for your success. Wishing you both the healthy and happy pregnancy. Take care, honey.