9th time the charm?


Hi all,
We have been members since 2010 (unsername EP2010, but lost login).

We had done about 5 IVF cycles (2 fresh and 3 frozen)from 2010-2012, and all were negative, so I think that we gave up. And we took a few years off. Then we got the baby bug again a couple of years ago and started back up in late 2016. We have done a fresh and a frozen and again negatoive. Then on IVF #8 a few months ago, we were almost pregnant. The pregnancy test was not positive but the count was low at 15. It should be over 50. After 2 days we did another blood test and it rose to 33, but still low. After that the doc told us that it was not a viable pregnancy and we stopped progesterone and it went to 0 the next test.

On Aug 11, we had a FET. Our last shot, since our insurance just maxed out and they’re our last frozen embryos. Had the test today and we have a positive (70). Hopefully, it continues rising.

To add, what we did differently in # 8 and 9 is moved the transfer date from day 5 to day 7 after surge.


OMG, I’m so sorry for all you’ve had to face, honey…I feel lack of words how could I support you…Your bfp seems to be the best answer though… May your beta keep on rising well. You’re a super brave one to have had gone through 9 attempts!! I’m so proud of you and sincerely happy for your success. Wishing you both the healthy and happy pregnancy. Take care, honey.


Hi there, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been facing this. thought I need to share some of my background. Me 40; DH 45. DX - PCOS, endo, one ovary and tube; MFI. Oct 2008: Mike is here! 7lbs 14oz, 20.75 inches; C-Section.
TTC #2 since Sept 2015. BFN= 3 IVFs. IVF#4 – early mc @6w4d, June 2018. Last IVF #5 (5dt of two 2AA blasts) – BFP!!
Beta #1, 11dp5dt= 295.
Beta #2, 13dp5dt= 825 (doubling time of 32 hours!); progesterone 130.
Last time we were using donor eggs at Ukrainian clinic bio texcom. Quite far away from home. But the clinic is doing its best to make our say with them comfortable and the most effective. I’m currently waiting for the 7 wks scan. Worried but excited.:hugs:


Hi there! I’ve just read some of your posts on other threads. Would be great if you drop us a line soon. It took us 3 failed OE & DE IVF shots, 1 super successful one to conceive our little bean. I’m a mom of a princess. I know how worring it might feel when waititng for the 7wks scan. Also i would not be suprised if they do not see a hb though. i think it depends on the skill of the sonographer, the equipment used etc. and also the way the way the baby is positioned can have an effect on what is seen i think. But definitely I saw a heartbeat at 7 weeks, with an internal scan. So presuming everything is ok and you actually are 7 weeks then they should see a heart beat, though bear in mind that if they don’t it could be becasue you are measuring earlier than 7 weeks and they may bring you back in a week or so to rescan (they will explain all this). By the way, an internal scan in nothing to be worried about. They should use some lubricant and a cover for the probe and it is only the end that is inserted. No speculum like a smear or anything. Shouldn’t hurt. And you should be kept all covered up once the probe is in place. Sorry, hope none of this sounds too patronising, just trying to be helpful, anything else you’d like to know just ask.:blush:


Thank you. Your posts are always informative.
It is highly recommended that pregnant women have the first ultrasound test at the seventh week of pregnancy. This is done for many reasons. However, the most common ones are because you need to ensure that the health and development of the embryo is good and to give you the assurance and the comfort that everything is fine. My Dr at Bio texcom clinic told us about these common reasons:
To check if you have one or two embryos together with the gestational sacs.
To determine the gestational age. This is commonly referred to as dating scan.
To determine the cause and the source of any bleeding that may be causing the loss of blood for pregnant mothers.
To determine if the embryo’s heart is beating.
To make sure that the baby’s size is fit for gestational age.
To check the conditions of the uterus, ovaries and the fallopian tubes.
To be certain that the implantation of the embryo is in the uterus so as to be sure that ectopic pregnancy has not occurred.
To ascertain the embryo’s development in relation to the menstrual history of the mother. This is common when the mother is uncertain of the last menstrual period.