A bit freaked out about u/s tomorrow....


Hi eveyone. I am really trying not to worry about things, but it’s so hard not to. I have the first U/S tomorrow morning to check on our little bean… hopefully he or she is where they should be! There are just so many thoughts that keep popping into my head. All these ‘what if’ questions. I really am staying calm, but I’ve wanted this for so long, it’s hard to believe that it’s really happening and it’s hard to believe that it will all go smoothly. Anyone else worry about things a lot? I’m really usually a positive person, but since this has been such a long, HARD journey it’s hard not to worry.


I am the same way. I woory about everything. I worried because I had a small pain on my left side so I went in for an u/s and everything was fine, just a cyst on my left ovary. With my 1st pregnancy I was out of control. It is normal. When you plan for these things and have worked hard to get it you are naturally going to worry more. Everything will be just fine. When you see that beautiful little bean in the right spot tomorrow you will be the happiest person on earth…but the worrying will never stop, just remember that. Congrats!!:clap: :cheer:


I can understand that you are feeling anxious and just want to know that everything is o.k. I am sure that hopefully one day soon when I am in your position I will be feeling the same way!

All you can do is try and stay positive and have faith.

I am :pray: for you to have a wonderful and healthy pregnancy. :cross:


Thanks Jen & lbeesa!
My Re’s office just called to re-schedule the u/s for Saturday… yikes - not sure that I can wait another 2 days. Oh well… I definitely :pray: and :cross: that all goes well and that our bean is where he or she should be!

It is just so hard not to worry… but I guess that’s what moms do - no matter how young or old their kids get. It really does help to be able to reach out to others going through the same thing though. This whole IF process has been so draining.

Jen - congrats on your :bfp: !!

Ibeesa, Good luck with this cycle… I hope that you get a :bfp: soon! :babydust:


I’m sorry they are making you wait until Saturday! :frowning: try not to go too crazy! Stay busy! Plan shopping trips and a movie night!! :slight_smile: keep us posted! :clap:


Thanks Ibeesa! I had so much trouble sleeping last night… just have so much going through my head. I really hate all the ‘what if’ questions that I keep thinking about. I am trying to keep myself busy… a movie night is a good idea! I’m going talk to DH about going tomorrow. I’ll definitely let you know what happens on Saturday.


I am just as nervous as you are. I fell like I will take a deep sigh of relief when we see that hearbeat on Tuesday. Just keep positive thoughts!


Thanks Kygilr07! I’m doing a little better… less than 24 hours away from seeing the little bean! :slight_smile:
I have realized that even after tomorrow I’ll worry about something else… since it’s really early still, we won’t see the heartbeat, so like you, I’ll definitely take a sigh of relief when we see the heartbeat on the next u/s. Good luck on Tuesday!! Let me know how it goes! Definitely trying to just keep thinking postively. It’s just hard not to worry. But I know that my parent’s still worry about me to this day, so I guess it never ends from this point on, huh?