a liitle nervous


So the RE tells me yesterday I have 3 mature follicles. I am triggering with HCG tomorrow evening(for the very first time) and my IUI will be monday morning. I am so worried about my chances of multiples. Anyone else have 3 or more follicles and end up with a singleton or twins at most? I’m really nervous…thanks.


Good luck on your IUI Monday! I have never been pregnant, so I can’t alleviate your fears of multiples. But both of my last 2 IUI cycles involved multiple follicles (3 on the 1st and 4 on the 2nd) and I didn’t even get pregnant with one. Your chance of multiples is real, but it’s around 10% for clomid and slightly higher for injectibles. So it’s not inevitable that you’ll conceive multiples with that many follicles. I think 3 is a good number that many REs like to see. It gives you a good shot at pregnancy but with a low risk of multiples. I hope this is your month!


Thank you. I hope this is our month also. Are you trying another IUI again next month? I hope you get your :bfp: soon.


Yes…look at my sight! I had little bwan
…4 mature follicles and only 1 fertilized! My RE gave us the decision to go through with it or not. He really didn’t want us to do it cuz his “policy” was only 3 follies. But since the first IUI didn’t work he gave us the choice. Thank God he did otherwise I wouldn’t have my handsome little man! We were terrified going in for our 6 week u/s but only 1 little bean! Although they thought one could have been “hiding” so I had 3 extra u/s. But yet found 1! Good luck with IUI!


I had 3 mature follicles with my IUI in 2008 and was :preg: with just 1 baby.

I am in the midst of IUI #2 right now and 3 mature ones growing away and may have my IUI on Monday as well.

I am nervous about having multiples but I figure it is the chance we have to take in order to just get one baby!

Good luck to you!


My RE said with 4 or less follicles you have an 8% change of twins. My doctor will not do the IUI if you have over 5 follicles because the chance increases a lot.


I had 4 mature follies an I only got pregnant with one this time around. It doesn’t mean that when have 3 or more will get pregnant with more than one. Sometimes it happens sometimes it don’t.

Good Luck an don’t stress if do it will keep things from happening. Just Relax don’t stress…