A little frustrated


So - I did my first round of Clomid in late November and had a blood test done on Tuesday to test my progesterone level to see if I ovulated at all.
Well- as I expected I didn’t. :frowning: I have been charting my temps so I knew I hadn’t but it is still frustrating to get the call from the nurse to say “you were right - you didn’t ovulate.” I am not sure what my exact progesterone level was but I am assuming it was very low to non-existent. (will find out on Monday)
I am so frustrated! I had hormone positive breast cancer 2 years ago - meaning my tumor grew off of my hormones. Did it suck up all of the progesterone I had in my body or what? I hate not being able to ovulate on my own. This blows.
Have any of you had a similar issue and had success increasing your clomid dose? I think my doc will give me a higher dose this next cycle. I just hope it works.


I dont have similar issues, but I feel for you. It just seems like all this having babies stuff comes so easy to so many people - I was one of those people with my daughter - then now I am all of a sudden infertile? It’s like my eggs just disappeared overnight. It is frustrating! But I am sure your Dr. will be able to get this worked out for you, try and hang in there!!!