A little help and advice please


Hi everyone,

I hope you can all help and i don’t bore anyone i’l try to keep it short.
Anyway the thing is i had tests 2 years ago and it was discovered i have Pco’s and Bicornuate uterus. We have since then been trying as when we found that out we knew it would take a while. Last year i went to my GP for help as i had been officially trying for 12mths but not used anything for 18mths. I had also started weight watchers in the jan and lost 3 st. When i told her all of this she said well that’s good but you are still not at the ideal weight for your height bmi (bla bla bla) sosaid to try loose more and keep ttc for another 12 mths and come back. All of that probably seems like yeah so what’s wrong with that. Well i’d had the diagnosis letter from my results which said to get help after 6 mths of trying. and now through upset and feeling like a failure i have put most of my weight back on. I now feel rubbish, very low and scared to go ask for help in case they send me away again to loose weight!!!

Can they and will they refuse to treat me. I am so nervous, so much so i keep putting off going to get help achieving something i want and deserve so much.

Advice please ansd so sorry for the mile long essay.


Hi Hopeful Butterfly,
I would guess that if you went to a Reproductive Endocrinologist, someone who specializes in infertility, they would be able to help you, and work with you on any issues you may be dealing with. RE’s help women of all shapes and sizes have children and I wouldn’t let your discouragement stand in the way of getting the help you need.
Best of Luck for that :bfp:!!!


Depends… I tried to get a RE’s help back in 2006-2007 and was turned away bc of my weight. They told me to lost weight and come back. Well in 2008 i had WLS to help with my weight. I’ve lost 130lbs and they still see me as over weight. But since i have lost that much my new RE is willing to help me out. They want you to lose weight bc weight effects the way the drugs make your body respond. The more you weight the more drugs you’ll need. Also, even though i’ve lost 130lbs i am still not at the right weight for IVF. IF/When we do IVF in April 11’ i will need to lost 10-20 more lbs.