A Mother's Day poem for the infertile


Saw someone post this and wanted to share. I suffered and mmc last year that I found out the day after Mother’s Day after just sharing to our families. Baby measured exactly to the day but no heartbeat. I am happy that I am currently carrying my rainbow baby! This is so inspiration and genuine feelings to us mothers out there that are still wishing and waiting for our arms to be full with a baby!

"Happy Mother’s Day”
it comes around every year; but when you have empty arms, it’s very hard to hear. It’s a day to celebrate a mother, for all the trials she overcame; and a reminder to an infertile of her loneliness and shame. But what really makes a mother, Is it just conception and birth? Or is there something more, that shows a mother’s worth? It’s putting your child first, in everything you do; it’s sacrifice and determination, and love and patience too. An infertile woman makes all her plans, around a child not yet conceived; she loves them even though they aren’t here, more than she ever could have believed. She appreciates and understands, what a blessing that children are; she works hard for just a chance, that motherhood is not that far. All odds are stacked against her, and yet she still has hope; everyday is another struggle, finding ways to help her cope. So even though her arms are empty, she can still be a mother too; So say a special“Happy Mother’s Day”for those waiting for their dreams to come true!


Could not read this without tearing up, thank you for sharing this it was beautiful


Thank you for posting. Last year a co-worker friend of mine wished me a happy mother-to-be day. I thought it was very sweet of her to recognize that I might feel sad.


This is beautiful and SO true… thank you!


Thank you for posting!