A tip for you... finally pregnant after 4 years


I thought I would pass this along because I had found console at times looking at infertility forums, and thought maybe it might help someone else…

After 4 years of infertility, I am finally pregnant out of no where. The only change has been (sorry in advance for TMI) the change of lube. We had tried a variety of different brands/products and nothing (all natural) over the years… the last 4 months or so, I switched exclusively to organic olive oil.

You don’t need a ton and it moisturizes the surrounding skin.

I even tried Fumara last year. My progesterone levels came up the way they were supposed to, but it was making my hair fall out (2-3 times normal amount in shower). So I stopped after 2 months as I am kind of anti-pharma.

Anyways, maybe helpful to some one who has tried it all. Don’t give up!


Thanks, we are just about to try a new semen friendly lube so we will see if it helps


Organic olive oil…that’s so interesting! The majority of info out there says Pre-Seed is the way to go. I’ve read that food oils, and even water or saliva can damage sperm. I am so glad to hear a story of success going the natural route!