A tough moment and find it difficult to go further


I just recently had another failed IVF (Dec’15) and find it difficult to go further.
This process is taking a toll on me emotionally. It is so hard to see others who are getting pregnant. I try to not let it bother me, but it is hard. Friends avoid conversations about acquaintances pregnancies. When conversations about pregnancy do come up, they apologize for bringing it up or ask if they are being too insensitive.
I have wanted to be a mother for as long as I can remember. And I cannot imagine when exactly it’s going to happen to me.
I’m having a tough hours really…:confused:


Hello Samantha! Yes! You’ve been through a very tough time. So, yes! I know how it feels. Don’t have to be dissapointed. I know that sometimes, IVF or any other procedure doesn’t work. So, yeah! There is no need to lose your hope. You can still become a mother. Two years back, my sister cousin also had failed IVF. She was devastated but still didn’t gave up. In Dec 2017, She finally had a baby girl through surrogacy at the same center in Ukraine, where she had IVF failure. So, it’s just that way. Destiny plays it’s role in our lives. Stay strong darling! You can still become a mother. Maybe? You’ve to go through different way. :slight_smile:


I’m ver sorry that you have to face all this, dear. I know it must’ve been very hard for you. I’ve been in the same boat, so I know how you feel. Don’t get offended please but I think the clinic you’re going to is not that experienced in this field. Change your clinic maybe? Choose the one with high success rates. Fertility treatments do require a lot of patience and strength. And I still think that you’ve got this. Never lose hope, dear. Hope is the key to success. A lot of women have success in the third attempt. Have faith in yourself. I know you’re facing difficult situations, but be strong. I hope you become a mother soon. Good Luck!


Dear Samantha! Hope so you are doing good. I read your whole situation. I can understand that worst feeling often comes while facing such situation. But don’t worry. I think you should try for surrogacy too. Surrogacy helping people a lot in their fight against infertility. I have heard many great reviews about it. I thing it will be good for you.


Thank you ladies for all your kind posts. I appreciate your help and support. Felt I need to post this quick update. Seems things changed for better. I felt strong enough to have a good talk once with my dh about treatemnts coming. He’s always been my rock of support! We’re going de ivf route with Biotex. Have already had the consultation, our lovely dr told us chances are high. Have to take meds daily for the synchronization with our egg donor. It’s not easy anyway. I’ve turned to some tips to make those injectibles a bit easier to survive. Ice pack before; heating pad after (until transfer.) Also, moving the muscles after helps – could be a massage or going up/down stairs. Hope they will create our embies the best. We’re planning to put back 2 if lucky. Hope things will work out for us. Again thank you, lovelies, so much!!


During IVF, if you produce more & better size follicles you’ll have a higher chance of getting pregnant. The ideal situation is around 8-15 eggs at 16mm-22m in size. If you only have 3 then you need to consider this - should you freeze them & go for another 2-3 stimulation cycles before fertilizing a good number of eggs in one go? This should increase you chances of success. Cut down on the coffee. For women, NEW research shows that drinking more than 5 cups of coffee a day has a negative effective on you’re chances of getting pregnant with IVF. So hold back on those free refills! Be realistic, especially with age. Unexplained infertility affects thousands of couples every year. Sometimes it’s just nature’s way of saying - you’re getting a bit old for this! Between the ages of 43-45 it’s probably time to at least consider using donor eggs. Donors will be matched to you major physical characteristics, which helps bonding with your new child. Finally choose a fertility clinics that offer packages or discounts for multiple treatments. Like Bio tex clinic. Why? Because you’ll probably need them! Some even offer refund guarantees. These allow women to try IVF three times. So even if it’s not successful, you still have enough money to try IVF with donor eggs. As we said at the beginning - it’s a numbers game! The very best of luck!