A year of TTC, with no results


Good morning all, I posted this on another fertility site and didn’t get any responses, so I’m hoping I might get some people that are able to help, here.

This is my first posting and I’m, frankly, freaking out a bit, so please pardon me if this seems rambling. A brief background: my wife and I have been together for 8 years. We’ve always wanted to have kids and decided we were ready to begin trying get pregnant last year. My wife is in her early 30s and I’m in my mid-40s.

After a year of TTC, with no results, I went in to have a semen analysis; we got the results, below, the day before yesterday and they seem pretty bad to me. We’re scheduled to go into see a urologist that specializes in fertility in a couple of weeks.
To say that I’m feeling horrible that I am the reason we can’t conceive, is an understatement. My wife, to her absolute credit, is being completely supportive; however, I know this was like a kick in the gut for her as well.

I know we’re going to be talking to a doctor in the next couple of weeks, but I’m wondering if some of you, here, that have more experience than I, can help decipher just how bad this is. I know those three zeros aren’t good. However, concentration and motile sperm count? I’m not completely certain what that means, or for that matter the two comments about centrifuging.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Not sure what our choices are in this situation and we are not in a position that will allow us to spend thousands of dollars on this. (She’s currently in grad school.) So if we’re looking a large amount of $$$ that’s going to be required, we’re going to have to wait a couple of years.

Finally, does anyone know of a support group in Southeast Michigan for couples going through this? It would be nice to chat with some guys that are going through this as I sincerely feel I’ve kind of let her down, and that’s killing me.

I guess that’s it. Thank you in advance for any assistance, thoughts, suggestions, or general comments.

Semen Volume 2.8
Semen Color Translucent
Semen pH 7.6
Semen Viscosity Normal
Semen Liquefaction Complete
Sperm Motility 1 Hour 0
Sperm Forward Progression 0
Sperm Speed Of Progression 0
Sperm Agglutination None
Sperm Concentration <0.1
Motile Sperm Count <0.1
sample centrifuged and pellet had 2 sperm/ 20 fields with 30% motility
Round Cells 2
Semen Epithelial Cells 0
Other Contaminants Debris
Percent Normal Morphology not done
Sperm Mar Results-IgG not done
Semen Analysis Comments yes
sample centrifuged and pellet had 2 sperm/ 20 fields with 30% motility;
viability, morphology, and sperm mar not done due to low count/TMS


I don’t know a whole lot about low sperm but I do know low sperm is better than no sperm. You can do ivf/isci with just one sperm.


My dh has low sperm count- I cannot exactly remember the numbers but I know that they were even too low for our RE to consider doing the IUI process. He did go to a urologist and was diagnosed with Varicoceles basically he has what is like a varicose vein in his testicles which is heating up the temperature and reducing the amount of sperm that is produced. There is the option of a small operation to rectify this but our RE recommended that initially we consider the IVF process as the procedure can take 6-8 months to determine if it is successful and with my dh numbers she stated that even with a 100% improvement his count would still be low.
So we are now on our IVF journey- I have had one failed attempt and am not beginning a frozen cycle this month. It is a hard process but please be assured that I harbor no reassignment towards my husband at all. While I can understand the guilt that you may feel we are in relationships and take the good with the not so good- the most important thing I can honestly say throughout this process that you are going through is communication and support. Be there to listen and verbalize how you both feel and give yourself time to process all of the information being thrown at you as well as the decisions that you will have to make.
Try to keep your thoughts positive, I know that this time can be so hard and it is easy to see the negative but try to stay focused on keeping your relationship strong and turning all of your hopes into reality…
Best of luck to you and your wife.