Abnormal Cycles after Failed IVF?


[INDENT]Hi ladies!

This is my first time posting on here! :cheer: Nice to meet you all and good luck to all of us!

I’m 38 and have borderline FSH (highest was 12.3 until my most recent reading which was a 40). I’ve had an IVF cycle that ended up in 5 eggs being retieved, of the 5 only 2 actually contained eggs the rest was just a thick fluid, and of those two only one egg was mature and ended up with no eggs fertilizing and never made it to trasnfer… It was such a heartbreaking experience :grr:

I was on the long Lupron protocol and estrogen primming at the same time. I was on very high stims (750 IUs Follistim and 75 IUs Menopur). This protocol took about 8 weeks to complete, it was back in August/September. I got my period 11 days after the retieval which I guess would be normal timing. The cycle after that though lasted for 35 days and I usually have 28 day cycles with 30 days the longest it’s ever been. I’m currently on the second past IVF and I haven’t ovulated and this was confirmed with OPKs and blood tests. My RE also tested for FSH (CD18) and it came back a whopping 40!!! :grr:

I was hoping on getting started on my next IVF cycle but I’ll be holding off until January or until my body starts behaving normally again… I’m in total shock not to mention totally miserable and in panick that my ovaries gave up on me…Any of you ladies ever had any similar experiences? Your input will be so much appreciated! :slight_smile:



Does your RE use birth control for controlling the timings of your ivfs? Your body might take a little while to adjust from the ivf medications from last cycle. Also, I would suggest acupuncture and reading the book [I]Inconceivable[/I]. It’s about how a woman brought her FSH way down using Chinese medication. Good luck!