Abnormal embryos


Hi everyone, I just did my second IVF cycle, the first one was a success until I miscarried at week 9 . Now we choose to do PGS to our embryos , there were just two and they were complex abnormal both. My doctor say we should not try anymore with my eggs … Someone has been in this situation and later had a good outcome on another cycle ? We are not ready for egg donation , I don’t know what to do


I forgot to mention that I’m 41 , my doctor told me that’s the main reason for poor quality eggs and chromosome problem on the embryos, also I have just one ovary


Hi Karina239,
I have done 5 IVF cycles and on the 4th one I got 4 eggs and 3 were abnormal. I tried one last cycle before I turned to egg donor and got pregnant with twins. I ended up losing one of them at 9 weeks, but I now have a healthy 7 month old baby boy. I really think each cycle can be completely different, and I’m so glad I didn’t give up on my body and go straight to donor (even though my doctor recommended it)
I got pregnant from IVF #2 and have a daughter and pregnant with IVF #5 and have a son. I used Human Growth Hormone with this last cycle and saw a huge improvement with my egg quality. Good Luck!!!


No dir experience, but good luck with your treatment


Hello, hun! Sorry for what you’re facing, and feel madly sad about your miscarriage… Take time to heal both physically and mentally. Coming closer to testing I’d say that PGS and PGD involves more “messing” with the embryos. Also means you can’t do a day 3 transfer! Sometimes you might be able to do a fresh day 5 transfer however depending on where the PGS lab is and how soon they provide results.
Whether to go with PGS depends on a lot of factors:
Maternal age. The higher the age the more chances of abnormal embryos.
Any genetic issues with mom and dad that you might be trying to avoid.
Previous MC or failed IVF signaling about embryo issues.
So you’ve got fit to some of these criteria. Also it is an additional expense (if self-pay) and it brings into focus more the expertise of your embryologist because of biopsy etc.
If you do decide to go that route I would personally strongly recommend researching more forums for information. Asking many questions to understand why and how they would do it. Finally understand the stats for your clinic’s lab in particular.
Wishing you good luck and absolutely supporting your route. Sending you lots of gentle hugs X