Abnormal sperm is worst!


My DH just had a S/A and after going thru a hoaxed IVF, and a lot of praying, we get this awful result. His [U]Abnormal sperm [/U]which was at .5 in 4/2010, very poor, Now it is at 0.
I feel so lost. I am wondering what is causing this to him. Could it be a thyroid problem?

Please help


[quote=essemkay]I’m sorry. I don’t know what you mean. Do you mean that he has zero normal sperm as opposed to zero abnormal? I presume you’re referring to morphology? Is that strict morphology?

Also, what is a hoaxed IVF?[/quote]

Yes, strict morphology. He has 98%. He had 97 % in April of this year. Do not know what could be happening. He does take supplements when he work out, like Celltech.


maybe he was just having a bad day at the 2nd s/a. RE told me that semen count can fluctuate from day to day, that’s why with IVF they ask the guy to produce a specimen a week before ET that they will freeze in case day of transfer the fresh specimen is no good. You may want to have his thyroid check too, that would be the easiest thing to do. My DH had a slightly low thyroid as a result of chemo, he was taking thyroid meds and Fertility Blend for Men and we have seen remarkable improvements. When we first starte seeing RE about 3-4 months ago, DH had abnormal semen, non-existent. They would not even consider using his fresh specimen for an IVF. So we opted to try IUI w the frozen specimen (pre-chemo). They did not thaw very well, only 20% motility. I got a BFN that cycle. Our 2nd cycle we were going to proceed with IVF using frozen, then for the heck of it WE decided to get DH to do another S/A incase we can use the fresh for IVF. Low and behold, RE was extremely shocked by his results, so much so, he recommended another shot w IUI using fresh specimen. I dont know if it was the thyroid med or Fertility Blend, or even a combo of the both, but we have seen drastic results in DH in such a short amount of time.


This is exhausting. Did Fertility Blend work for him?


Yes I believe in that stuff. Fertility Blend was recommended by RE, I get it from Amazon, but there are other online websites and the nurse told me some GNC has it too. I did some research on it at first and there are a lot of good reviews on this. They even make something similar for women.


Thank you Jadet, I needed to hear good vibes!!

Lets keep wking at it, my friend!!!


Fertility Blend

My DH took Vitamale from Naturules.com. After 3 months the results were improved significantly.